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Murder is one of the most heavily punished crimes across the nation, and in the state of California, murder and attempted murder is not taken lightly. California Penal Code Section 664 explains that you are not off of the hook if you attempted to murder someone yet failed in your endeavor. In fact, you face stiff penalties of up to nine years behind bars.

There are strategies to defend against and beat attempted murder charges in California, but to have the best possible chance of overcoming your charges, you need the very best legal representation. You could be appointed legal counsel by the court but these public defenders tend to be less experienced and highly overworked with large caseloads which means if you are defending against attempted murder you are likely going to have subpar legal defense services. When the quality of your life and your civil liberties and freedoms are on the line, this just will not do.

The Manshoory Law Group only represents clients that are facing criminal charges in California, and they have a proven track record of success fighting charges that people like you face so that the best outcome is secured. If you are facing serious criminal charges in California, then you shouldn’t trust the course of your life with just anyone. The Manshoory Law Group are responsible guardians of hope in the greater Los Angeles area for a reason and they can help you when you get tangled up in the legal system in California.

How Can You Defend Against Attempted Murder in California?

It is up to the prosecution that is attacking you to prove that you actually behaved in such a manner and acted in a way to deliberately try to kill someone else. This is in addition to your final intent being that what you did would cause the death of another person. Whether you planned a murder scheme or you were getting ready to kill, moves you took were implemented in your aim to take the life of another. In addition to this, the prosecution must also show that you wanted the end result to be the loss of life from your actions.

When your legal defense can effectively and persuasively deconstruct arguments that the prosecution tries to make placing you as a person who was involved in a murder plan and intending for death to take place, then you will be able to reduce your charges or beat them. Maybe you were acting in self-defense or you behaved in a way to slightly injure a person who was aggressive towards you so you could scare them off but things when wrong. There are many ways that an experienced and skilled murder defense lawyer in Los Angeles can examine your case and mount a tactical defense.

Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles Today

The Manshoory Law Group has a history of proven results. This means the prospect that you can overcome your charges when you work with the Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers at the Manshoory Law Group is very good. To schedule an initial free consultation with the Manshoory Law Group, please call (877) 977-7750.

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