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More than 1,000 new laws went into effect in California in 2020. The laws address a wide range of issues, including updating the rights of victims of sexual assault. Two bills, Assembly Bill 1510 and Assembly Bill 218 increase the amount of time, otherwise known as the statute of limitations, that victims of sexual assault have to file a claim against their abuser.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, the implications that come with these allegations can not only result in high financial expenses, jail time, a criminal record, having to register your name as a sex offender but also the stigma of being a sexual predator. For innocent individuals that have to face trial even if you are found to be not guilty, you still will have a tough road ahead. It is hard to shake the stain to your good name. You may still have to suffer strained personal relationships, issues at work, and if you have children, they may also be subject to negative repercussions.

Working with a talented California sex crime defense attorney that has the skillset and experience with such charges is essential to protecting your rights. It is vitally important that if you are accused of a sex crime, even if it is minor you have the right legal representation because the fight is extremely complicated. The high level of emotion that comes with sex crime accusations makes these charges challenging to combat. The Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group have the knowledge and resources necessary to defend your freedom and ensure you see your full legal justice.

What are the New California Sex Crime Assembly Bills?

In 2018, California AB 1619 was passed which changed the statute of limitations from 3 years to 10 years after an assault. In instances where a victim realizes they were assaulted in their past, they have three years to file a suit against their abuser. Even though AB 1619 helped many victims have their day in court against the party that harmed them, it only applied to incidents that took place from January 1, 2019, and on. Because of this, many victims were not able to take action due to the date of their assault. 

This is why AB 1510 was passed. California AB 1510 basically allows victims that were previously excluded from AB 1619 because of the date of their attack to have the opportunity to file a claim. These individuals whose statute of limitations has passed now have three years to act.

The other law that was passed affects those who suffered abuse as a child. It used to be that victims of childhood abuse who realize it after they get older were only able to file a suit up until the age of 26. If it was discovered later in life that sexual abuse occurred as a child, these victims would be given three years from the date of their discovery to file a claim. 

Through the passage of AB 218, those who have been abused as children were extended the time they can file a suit by 14 years. Also, those that discover they were abused at an older age had their time to file a suit extended from three years to five years. If it can be proven that an abuser endeavored to cover up their actions, the courts have the discretion to triple the damages that a victim can be awarded.

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AB 1510 and AB 218 are essentially widening the window that allegations of abuse and a related lawsuit can be waged against a person in California. If you have been accused of a California sex crime, call the Los Angeles sex crime defense attorneys at the Manshoorty Law Group immediately at 877-977-7750.

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