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33-year-old Zachary Castaneda was arrested for the hours-long crime spree of robbery and stabbings that occurred in the Garden Grove and Santa Anna communities.  Castaneda was arrested on Wednesday, August 7 by a 7-Eleven where he stabbed a security guard.  According to police, Castaneda is a convicted felon and a documented gang member. He is currently being held in jail.

In a press conference, Garden Grove Police Lt. Karl Whitney said when authorities attempted to interview Castaneda about the violent spree he was combative.  Castaneda began his robbery and stabbing spree at 4 p.m. on Wednesday and it lasted until around 6 p.m. Castaneda was covered in blood when he was taken by police.

The Crime Spree

The rampage began at the apartment complex where a robbery occurred and it appeared that there were two males who suffered stab wounds and ultimately died of their injuries.  Then it was reported there was a robbery at a bakery, then one at a cash check business, and then an insurance company which resulted in the stabbing of a 54-year-old employee.  Additionally, it was reported that a man pumping gas at a Chevron was stabbed, and then the security guard at the 7-Eleven was stabbed and killed, his firearm stolen by Castaneda.

It is unclear at this time how many people were stabbed, according to Garden Grove Police Chief Tom DaRe, but there may have been many.

A History Of Crime

Castaneda has a long criminal history documented since 2004. His rap sheet includes prison time for methamphetamine possession, having possession of an assault rifle, and car theft. His wife took out a restraining order against him in 2018 and she also had a protection order against him from 2009 after she suffered a broken arm during an altercation with him.  He served one year in prison for spousal abuse in 2009.  His wife filed for divorce early in 2019 and retains custody of their 7 and 12-year-old children.

Additionally, he was arrested for a concealed dagger and drug possession while on bail from a previous arrest in June that was for street gang vandalism.

Southern California Criminal Defense Attorneys

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