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Halloween Safety Statistics

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for both kids and adults, and for adults, it can often involve drinking. Sadly, this leads to some sobering statistics:

  • 44% of national fatal crashes during Halloween weekend involved a driver or motorcyclist who was above the legal blood alcohol level.
  • 38% of fatal crashes that occurred on Halloween night involved a driver or motorcyclist under the influence of alcohol.
  • 23% of pedestrian fatalities on Halloween night were killed by a drunk driver.

What are 6 Halloween Driving Safety Tips

The most obvious road safety tip for Halloween, and every other night of the year, is to never get behind the wheel if you have been drinking, or get in a vehicle driven by someone who may have been drinking. Here are a few other tips to stay safe on the roads this Halloween:

Keep an Eye Out

The streets are going to be full of people dressed in dark costumes, so drivers should be extra aware of pedestrians on the sidewalk. This is especially important in residential areas, where there might be excited kids running around and potentially out onto the road without warning.

Watch the other vehicles on the road as well as the pedestrians. Halloween sees a significant increase in the number of intoxicated drivers on the roads at night, so give yourself the space to react safely to an erratic driver.

Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Drive Slowly

In any area where there are partygoers heading between bars and clubs, or kids running from door to door, keep your speed to a minimum. You can’t always rely on pedestrians to be aware of the road, and you need to be ready to react if someone suddenly dashes out in front of you.

In particular, be extra careful around junctions and blind corners, where the impaired reactions of a drunk driver could put you in danger if they don’t see you in time.

Use Mirrors and Hazard Lights

Pay extra attention to your mirrors on Halloween, for both pedestrians and other drivers. A drunk driver is more likely to misjudge the distance between them and the vehicle ahead and is also more likely to make a mistake while attempting to pass you. Drunk drivers are also less likely to notice that you have kids on board and give you extra space, making it even more important to be aware of what is going on behind you.

While it may be tempting to turn your hazard lights on to make your vehicle more noticeable, in California it is illegal to drive with your hazard lights on without a valid reason such as a road accident or breakdown. Driving with your hazard lights on can make the roads more dangerous, as you are unable to use your turn signals to tell other drivers where you are going.

Halloween Safety Statistics

Turn on Your Headlights

Thanks to all of the darkly colored costumes people tend to wear on Halloween, they will be harder to see than usual. Turning your headlights on, even in areas well-lit by street lights, does not just make it easier for you to see. It also makes it easier for pedestrians and oncoming traffic to see you.

Avoid Passing Other Cars

If you don’t need to pass someone then don’t do it, especially if they are showing any signs of impaired driving. An intoxicated driver may swerve unpredictably as you pass, especially if they lack the awareness to notice you coming. They are also more prone to road rage and irrational decisions such as deciding to block you from re-entering the lane or race ahead of you, or other behaviors that could lead to an accident.

Eliminate Distractions at All Costs

Stay ready to react to any problem that appears on the road by avoiding distractions in your vehicles, such as loud passengers or music. Using a cell phone while driving is already illegal due to it being a dangerous distraction, but even conversation with a passenger or on a hands-free set can reduce your awareness and reaction time.

If you are involved in a drunk driving incident this Halloween and want to make sure you get the outcome you deserve, contact our lawyers immediately. Our criminal defense lawyers are well-versed in the law surrounding DUI cases and can help you fight the allegations made against you.

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