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What is a False Police Report?

Every American is afforded specific rights under the United States constitution. These rights are not limited or taken away from individuals that get caught up with the law. If you were arrested in California for an alleged crime, the officer who detained you will file a Los Angeles police report about the incident. Potentially, what the officer includes in the report is inaccurate. If this is true, then you are a victim of a false police report in California and you can take action against the official because of your constitutional protections.

Individuals who are arrested for presumed crimes must be treated properly and fairly under the law. There is a legal process that has to take place and when guidelines are breached, the defendant can fight back and obtain justice. The criminal justice system in California can be difficult to navigate alone.

However, with the help of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney you can improve the chances that you see your full legal justice if you have been wronged by the system. The Manshoory Law Group is a time-proven California criminal defense firm that is laser-focused on fighting for the best outcomes for aggrieved individuals charged with crimes.

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What are the Penalties for Filing a False Police Report?

A false police report happens when the details of an alleged crime are incorrect. An illustration of how this works is an officer arrests an individual for a suspected drug crime and then puts in their report that the person was in possession of drugs. In reality, though, the individual did not have any drugs. 

Officers that are proven to write false reports will face consequences. This is why it is incredibly important that you have effective and experienced legal counsel working on your case if you think that there was a false report against you.

When a false report happens, a proficient Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will know how to investigate your case and move forward with filing a motion due to Penal Code 118.1. PC 118.1 in California protects you from rogue law enforcement officials trying to unjustifiably get you into trouble with the law.

Officers can face either misdemeanor or felony charges for writing a false report in California. When an officer is charged and convicted of a misdemeanor they could face as long as one year in jail or they may be put on probation. In felony situations, the time served in jail increases to a maximum of three years or probation may result.

Consequences Of False Reporting And Possible Defenses in California

Not every officer lacks integrity and is untrustworthy, but just like any profession, there are those that may abuse their power. It is important for the public to trust law enforcement, which is why the bar is so high for these professionals to behave accordingly, fairly, and lawfully. It takes only one officer to engage in unethical and prohibited behavior to make communities distrustful of the police.

If you are being accused of a crime that you did not commit, you may be able to use PC 118.1 as a defense if you have skilled criminal legal counsel in Los Angeles. Call the Manshoory Law Group today at (877) 977-7750 to discuss your case and learn about what you can do to preserve your rights and freedoms during a free consultation.

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