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The New York Times is reporting a scandal in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Over a dozen officers were involved in incorrectly labeling a young man as a gang member. As a result, these officers were either suspended or reassigned. An investigation into finding out whether these officers were falsifying records began in early 2019.


A mother in the San Fernando Valley contacted the police to tell them about a letter she had in which her son, who was a minor, was identified as a gang member. She refuted this letter’s charges saying that her son was being mislabeled. When an individual is recognized as a gang member the state of California requires that a letter is sent and the individual uploaded into a state database called CalGang. Lawmakers and authorities explain that this resource is crucial to helping them fight gang activity while opponents say it perpetuates racial profiling.


After the supervisor reviewed both the body camera documentation and car recordings it was revealed that the documentation the officer filled out was not correct. As the investigation continued, multiple officers were implicated in misrepresenting information in their field interview cards. Chief Michel R. Moore recognized the seriousness of the problem and highlighted the importance of public trust in law enforcement.


Sean Garcia-Leys, a lawyer at the Urban Peace Institute explains that this is a much more far-reaching issue in the state. He indicated that the had many clients who were incorrectly put into CalGang. 

Officers have to use the details of an individual to assess if they are affiliated with gangs because gang members will not tell officers if they are involved in these dangerous groups. As a result, officers must make guesses based on limited interactions with people as to if they are or are not in a gang. The LAPD confirmed that the investigation should be over this year and they are taking this issue seriously.

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