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A crime spree of burglaries at both coin and precious metal stores throughout the states of Nevada and California that took place over a two month period ends with arrests. The burglaries hit areas including Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach. According to authorities, two men were arrested in connection with these burglaries. Caleb Jamal Griffin, 20, of Long Beach and Owen Lazaro Thompson, 49, of Las Vegas were identified. These two men faced arrest on Sunday, September 29, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) in combination with local authorities.


The men are facing a federal complaint that they either committed or attempted approximately 21 burglaries at collectible-coin and precious-metal stores, as well as a federal firearms licensee. The combined amount of stolen was estimated to be over $290,000. Tangible Investments in Laguna Beach, California suffered a hit on July 27. Additionally, Liberty Coin in Huntington Beach was also hit on September 8. The two men are additionally suspected of an attempted burglary at Liberty Coin on August 11 as well.


The ATF worked with other local law enforcement professionals to find and arrest the suspects. The Brea Police Department, Fullerton Police Department, and through the assistance of the Signal Hill Police Department and the Huntington Beach Police Department all put forth efforts. The ATF conducted surveillance of both of the men as they engaged in their crime spree across the two states. This surveillance was key to their arrest. Griffin was caught burglarizing a coin dealer while Thompson was arrested at his home. Through the use of a search warrant, the authorities found stolen property related to the burglaries.


The suspects exhibited a pattern of behavior in relation to their crimes. They would break the glass in the windows at the front of the stores, then using rope, take down security gates. Two variations of entry included using a vehicle to drive through the front of a store and using a blow torch to break a storefront window.


California Burglary Laws

In California, burglary is separated into “first-degree burglary” and “second-degree burglary.” First-degree is when one robs a residence while second-degree involves other structures like stores. First-degree burglary is considered a felony and can be met with up to 6 years in prison. While second-degree burglary can either be defined as a felony or a misdemeanor. If it is a felony, it can come with up to 3 years in county jail. A misdemeanor can be met with up to 1 year in county jail.


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