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DUI and Commercial Driver’s Licenses

There are special provisions in California State and Federal law that deal with people with commercial driver’s licenses who are convicted of DUI. If you are cited for any DUI, you must call a Los Angeles lawyer as soon as you can so that we can fight your case.

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Los Angeles DUI and Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Are you a professional driver accused of driving under the influence (DUI)? Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is likely at stake, along with your freedom and current career path. For this reason, a CDL drunk driving conviction could be potentially life-altering for a commercial driver. At Manshoory Law Group, APC, we are ready to help you fight for your rights, your livelihood, and your good name.

California Commercial Driver’s License Rules

The California Legislature has put strict guidelines in place for the use of alcohol by commercial drivers. If you are operating a commercial vehicle (a vehicle which requires a Class-A license to drive,) it is a crime do so with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .04% or higher. Remember, that .04% BAC is the point where driving becomes a crime, so .03% BAC is highest BAC you can have operating a commercial vehicle. If you’re driving a non-commercial vehicle, the standard .08% BAC limit is in effect.

How High is .04%?

.04% BAC is commonly found in people who have had only one alcoholic beverage within an hour to two hours of their breath or blood test. This can vary with the height and weight of each person.

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Penalties for Commercial DUI in California

If you have a commercial license and have been arrested for DUI, either in your personal vehicle or in a commercial vehicle, the consequences could be devastating. A first-time conviction for a DUI offense will likely result in a one-year commercial license suspension. This could mean up to a year of unemployment if your primary employment is as a commercial driver. A second DUI conviction can result in a permanent commercial license revocation. Again, for your license, it won’t matter if you were convicted for driving your personal vehicle or your commercial vehicle.

In addition to negatively impacting your professional license and income, you may be subject to numerous other severe punishments including jail time, thousands of dollars in fines, sharp increases in your insurance rates, mandatory alcohol education classes, even the forced installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, and a misdemeanor criminal conviction.

How To Beat A Commercial Vehicle DUI (CDL) Case?

Reading this article, or even a multitude of articles, is not likely going to be enough for you to effectively fight for your rights all on your own. You need to speak with an expert to advise you on your rights, and the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Even if the evidence against you seems substantial, there may be defenses and legal strategies helpful to you which is why you need to consult an expert.

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