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Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

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IID: Ignition Interlock Device In Los Angeles

What is Ignition Interlock Device (IID)? 

The IID is essentially a breathalyzer machine that a court ordered you to install in your vehicle after a DUI, or DUI related conviction. Once it’s installed, the device will not permit your vehicle to operate unless you first provide a breath sample showing you are fit to drive.

Why am I being ordered to install an IID?

California State Law requires anyone convicted of a second time DUI to install an IID (See California Vehicle Code sections 23540 & 23542), but in Los Angeles County even a first-time conviction may result in being ordered to install one of these IIDs. (Read more at DMV’s Website.) The length of time it is installed varies between 5 and 48 months based on your prior DUI convictions.

How does it work?

You must hire a private company to install and monitor an IID in your vehicle. Once the IID has been installed your vehicle will be operational. When you get into your vehicle, you provide a breath sample into the mouthpiece. If you provide a .00% sample then your vehicle will start normally. If you blow above that, your vehicle will not start, and you will likely have to contact your IID provider, who will also alert the DMV and the courts as to the results of your alcohol positive breath samples.

Additionally, the IID will have to be serviced every 60 days.

Will I get in trouble in Los Angeles for blowing over .00%?

That depends on the facts of your particular case, but it is commonly a term of probation for DUI offenders that they not consume alcohol, and so giving an alcohol positive BAC reading might be used as a basis for a probation violation or worse a new DUI prosecution.

What if I Don’t Own a Vehicle

If you do not own a vehicle, the court will still order that you show proof of non-ownership of a vehicle. You can request this form from the DMV but it may take a substantial amount of time to produce, which can be problematic if a judge has ordered you to show proof by a specific date.

Why contact a lawyer?

The expenses of the IID do not even begin to encompass the total cost of a DUI conviction. If you are being prosecuted for a DUI, you need to speak to a specialist who can stand up for your finances, your freedom, and your good name. Contact the Manshoory Law Group to see how one of our experienced attorneys can help get you the best result possible in your case.

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