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Criminal Background Check

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Criminal Background Check in Los Angeles, California

Why do a criminal background check?

Because criminal charges can be filed years after an arrest, people often genuinely forget about criminal accusations brought against them. This can lead to all types of confusion. Do I have warrants? Am I going to be arrested? Why wasn’t my case dealt with sooner? The attorneys at Manshoory Law Group are here to help.

Bench or Arrest Warrants

If you are cited for a misdemeanor or traffic violation, your ticket should have a date you are ordered to appear in court. Most people attend court on the day their citation says, but the charges are not always filed. If a defendant doesn’t consistently check in with the court, they can easily miss the notice that charges were filed and miss their first court appearance. When this happens, a bench warrant will issue, authorizing law enforcement officers to arrest that person.

Employee Background Checks

If a criminal charge was filed against you but you were unaware, this will show up on many private employer background checks and on all government employer background checks. An open criminal case is a terrible thing for an employer to see when considering giving you a job. Before you apply for that next employment opportunity, make sure there isn’t a warrant out for your arrest or an open criminal case against you.

Expungements or Charge Reductions

Frequently, people may take a plea deals (admitting guilt) without understanding the lasting consequences of that offense or without talking to a lawyer. After years go by, they me unable to remember the exact nature of the charge. Many crimes, especially older drug crimes, are eligible for expungement or reduction from felonies to misdemeanors.

A criminal background check can tell you exactly what your charge was, when you plead, and whether or not you were placed on probation. All that information is essential for both charge reduction and for expungements.

Call now for a criminal background check in Los Angeles

The best Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is here to help. We can assist you both conducting a complete criminal background check and handling negative surprises in your criminal history. If you have outstanding warrants, we can assist in recalling them. If your criminal record is a bit worse than you thought, then we may be able to get your previous convictions expunged or reduced. If you have outstanding cases, we will be able to help you fight those charges. Use our Contact Form or Call now to learn how the attorneys at Manshoory Law Group can help you keep the past from ruining your future (877) 977-7750.

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