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Misdemeanor and Felony possible consequences

Possible consequences and penalties of a criminal conviction can be severe. Penalties for a misdemeanor or a felony can range from some of the following consequences below:

  • Loss of the ability to drive or operate a vehicle which can also affect employment and the ability to work
  • Custody time
  • Penalties and/or fines
  • Classes – Mandatory anger management and/or substance abuse for example
  • Community Service
  • Community Labor
  • Probation/ Community Supervision or Parole
  • Sex Offender Registration, a lifetime requirement
  • Restraining orders, no contact protective orders
  • A permanent Criminal Record which can affect employment and the ability to work
  • Mandatory Interlock Ignition Device that is installed to your vehicle (known as IID)
  • Ability to obtain Rental Property – most landlords ask if you have a criminal record or if you have ever been convicted of a crime
  • Immigration Issues – deportation, re-entry ban, eligibility loss for U.S. citizenship or naturalization
  • Employment / Ability to Work- many job applications ask if you have a criminal record or if you have ever been convicted of a crime
  • Loss of occupational and/or professional licensing
  • College expulsion or admission denial
  • Financial Issues – the ability to gain credit or the ability to secure financial aid

Penalties and consequences can affect your life in many ways – now and for many years to come. Do NOT take a chance with your future. Make sure you talk to an
attorney who has the necessary knowledge and experience to help.

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