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Prostitution/ Solicitation in Los Angeles, California

Prostitution is the sale of sexual favors or acts between unmarried persons; if a police officer arrests these individuals under the suspicion of committing acts that may constitute prostitution, then they could be left to face lengthy court procedures. Not to mention, this type of offense carries heavy penalties, which may include heavy fines, probation, jail time, and any combination of these.
While it may go without saying, any time money exchanges hands for the promise that one or both parties will receive a sexual favor in return. Did you know, though, that the law may also persecute those who commit acts that can lead up to prostitution? You may wonder how the law views these types of acts, and if they are considered unlawful.

Here are some examples:

  • Causing or forcing another to commit prostitution
  • Hiring someone else to perform an act of prostitution
  • Being in the same location or present where prostitution is taking place
  • Owning, renting, or providing a space for prostitution to occur
  • Transporting another to a location in order to engage in prostitution

If a case goes to trial, the prosecuting side may be compelled to fixate on any of these details in order to secure a conviction. Fortunately, when you have an elite defense team on your side to counter the arguments that prosecutors try to throw into litigation, you are exercising your right to be protected under the law and prevent you from facing the steep penalties.

The penalties may include, for the first offense in Los Angeles:

  •  As much as 60 days in jail
  •  6 months of probation
  •  A fine of up to $500
  •  Mandatory testing for a sexually transmitted disease or infection

The penalties will only increase the more offenses on one’s record, and could even lead to imprisonment anywhere between 1 to as much as 5 years. Whatever your situation may be, you must contact an attorney who knows how to handle these types of cases.

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