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When you have been convicted of a crime the offense goes on your record. Expungement occurs when your criminal case is reopened and it instead changes over to being dismissed. This essentially hides your conviction which allows you to re-enter society as an individual with almost no criminal conviction history. Expungement is particularly helpful for those who are back in society trying to find gainful employment or obtain clearance for opportunities such as housing that require a background check. Your criminal history isn’t completely erased during the process of expungement, but certain background checks will be unable to pull up your criminal history providing you with a cleaner slate to begin again.


The truth is that those who commit crimes and want to be a productive member of society have real challenges re-entering their community because of their previous mistakes. Expungement helps people with past transgressions get a second chance.


Who Is Eligible To Have Their Records Expunged In California?

Expungement isn’t available to everyone, only certain individuals can receive this benefit. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for having your record expunged, talking to a Southern California criminal defense lawyer who can examine your criminal history is a good place to start. These legal professionals are going to check your history against the following measures:


  • Your conviction occurred in a state court, not a federal court
  • You did not go to state prison
  • You did go to state prison when you could have served your time in county jail if your crimes occurred after Realignment in Proposition 47 was passed
  • You meet the requirements to be eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation and expungement
  • You finished your probation or you were able to have your probation terminated early via a petition
  • You successfully completed all of your conviction requirements such as classes or community service
  • You are not facing any other charges for a criminal defense


Who May Not Have Their Record Expunged In California?

Those who have any of the following, are not able to have their records expunged:


  • You are looking at charges for a criminal offense
  • You are currently on probation for a criminal offense
  • You are currently serving a sentence for a criminal offense
  • You are convicted of certain sex crimes against children


How To Get Help With Expungement In California

After you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you have to meet certain specifications as listed above to be considered for this helpful benefit. At Manshoory Law Group, APC, our team of experienced and effective Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers can help you protect your rights and guide you through this process to seek your full legal justice. The success of your future when you hope to re-enter society may rest on your ability to adjust your criminal history and record. Don’t wait to speak to us about your case, we are here to answer your questions and discuss your situation with you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call us today to obtain the critical legal representation and support you need from one of our resourceful Southern California aggressive criminal defense lawyers at 877-977-7750.

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