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Los Angeles Sex Crimes Attorney

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Los Angeles Sex Crimes Lawyer

No crime carries with it a stronger public resentment nor tougher sentences than sex crimes. If you are facing such a charge, you could face long prison sentences, lifetime registration as a sex offender, and other devastating consequences for you and your family. You should trust your future to someone with the experience and legal skills to handle these complicated matters rather than letting the chips fall where they may.

The law is NOT on your side if you are accused of a sex crime, even a minor one. Do not let anything get in your way of hiring a lawyer. The law will not care and you will be punished. As soon as you learn that there is even the slightest chance that the police want to charge you with a sex crime, you should be reaching for your phone to call Manshoory Law.

Types of Sex Crimes in California

There are a wide variety of sex crimes. Some are misdemeanors, but most are considered serious felonies. Sex crimes include:

  • 288 PC – lewd act with child (child molestation under 14 years old)
  • 288a(b) PC – child molestation 14 years or older
  • 261.2 PC – forcible rape
  • 261.5 PC – statutory rape (consensual intercourse under 18 years old)
  • 290 PC – obligation to register as a sex offender with the local police
  • 311 PC – possession of obscene matter
  • 314 PC – indecent exposure
  • 647(a) PC – lewd act in public place
  • 647(b) PC – solicitation of prostitution
  • 243.4 PC – sexual battery

The penalties for these can vary, but nearly all sex crimes require registration on California’s sex offender registry. The consequences of having to register are worse than you think.

California’s Sex Offender Registry

The public has a great fear of sex offenders and has demanded that police track where those convicted of sex crimes live. Most people charged with a sex crime, even something as minor (comparatively) as indecent exposure or making a lewd remark to someone who looked old enough but was a minor can land you on the list.

In most states, sex offender registration is for life. In California, there is a three-tiered system. Depending on your conviction, you will have to stay on the registry a minimum of 10 years, a minimum of 20 years, or for the rest of your life. Those who have followed the law on the lower two tiers can petition to get removed from the list after the minimum time is up.

Put in a nutshell, the registry requires you to report to local law enforcement yearly and tell them where you are living. Furthermore, if you move you have to tell them within five days after your move in person that you’re in the area. If you have multiple residences in California, you have to do this in person for each address.

Depending on your status (e.g. you’re a student or a transient) or the offense you were convicted of, you may be required to report to law enforcement more often. You are also automatically denied the right to work at any job involving children.

The police take this information and put it into a database along with your name, your photo, the offense, and any identifying features. Depending on your crime, this information will also be publicly available, sometimes to the extent of showing your full address to anyone who wants to see it.

Sex crimes are one of the few crimes where you can continue to be judged in the court of public opinion long after your sentence is up thanks to the registry. If your name is in this list, you could become a social pariah. And if you fail to register, the penalties increase further.

If you have ever read the stories of people who have been placed on this list and the treatment they’ve received, you know that you must fight your charges to the utmost. Manshoory Law is there to force the prosecution to prove their case and to fight every piece of evidence they bring forward in their attempt to destroy your life.

Contact a Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney

A majority of the cases that we handle involve people under investigation who trusted the police to resolve the problem, only to realize they gave them the rope to hang them. These cases rely heavily on the initial investigation and any statements you may give to the police. Refusing to make any statements that may be used against you is your right. The next right you need to exercise is to retain an attorney to prevent any more damage from occurring by calling Manshoory Law.

Most prosecuting attorneys rely on the police reports, including the rubber-stamped medical reports by biased police evaluators as the “truth.” Police will usually take a “victim” at their word without any type of meaningful corroboration. The Attorneys at Manshoory Law Group believe that every serious sex crime requires our own investigation. The products of our investigation can then be used to resolve the matter or to confront the prosecution’s case at trial. Our investigations have been able to find motives to lie and contradicting statements by the “victim” that can throw the prosecution’s case out.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can also ask the court to order a psychological evaluation of his client to show that he does not possess any traits that correlate with being a sexual predator. These evaluations are usually done in an office setting and the results do not need to be turned over to the prosecution if they are not fully positive. Manshoory Law Group uses positive evaluations to convince the prosecutors to resolve a case favorably. They could also be used at trial, where the evaluator could testify to the unlikelihood of our client being able to commit the crime he or she is accused of.

Sex crimes are among the trickiest crimes to fight due to the high emotions involved. No one wants to disbelieve the story of the victim. Nevertheless, you have rights under the law and you must exercise them to fight the emotional sway of the story from sweeping your life out from under your feet. Start by contact Manshoory Law as soon as you are accused of a sex crime.

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