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Investigations Lawyer

If the police ever reach out to you and they say they are conducting a criminal investigation and they want to speak with you, contact an experienced Los Angeles investigations lawyer right away.

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Los Angeles Criminal Investigation Lawyer

What is the Process of the Police Investigation?

Television has shown dramas about police investigations for decades. It’s a popular format. Police discover that a crime was committed, track clues, get what they need for an arrest, and save the day. But the differences between reality and television can be stark.

For many alleged criminals, they have no idea they are under investigation until they are arrested under a warrant. But sometimes the police don’t have enough information to make an arrest, yet still, suspect you of doing a crime or having information that could lead to an arrest. You may be notified that the police want to talk to you in these circumstances.

This could be done in many ways. The police could come to your door to talk about a matter in the local neighborhood. You could be asked to come to the station to answer a few questions. You could even be indirectly implicated, like if your workplace becomes subject to an investigation.

It is always in your best interest to only speak to the police with a criminal defense lawyer present if you can, especially if you are the one under investigation. 

What are the Objectives?

The police would not be talking to you if they didn’t have a suspicion that a crime was committed. Their goal is to gather what evidence they can so they can arrest you, or obtain a warrant for an arrest. You would be surprised at what evidence is necessary to obtain a warrant. It’s a far lower standard than what you need for a conviction.

Officers are also suspicious by nature, and this is no surprise. Their work put them in contact with many people who have committed crimes. Suspects do lie, so they have to be on guard. This is just part of the job, but it also means that officers can jump to conclusions too soon (another trope in cop shows) due to their suspicion.

The easiest way that the police can close a case is if they can get you to incriminate yourself or someone else. There are many tactics that they use to do so, and unfortunately, you’re at a disadvantage. Lying to the police is a crime, but they are free to use false or misleading statements (up to a point), to elicit information from you that could lead to a warrant. Los Angeles criminal investigation lawyers are trained to recognize these tricks and can protect you if police start to go too far.

What Tricks Can Police Officers Use?

There are many, and if you watch cop shows you might recognize some of the following:

  • Saying they know more than they do
  • Implying that someone you know has already confessed
  • Saying that things will go “better” if you talk
  • Using a “good cop bad cop” routine

If you are brought in for questioning by the police and you do not have a lawyer present, the best solution is to ask for your lawyer to be present and to remain silent. When you next have an opportunity to call a criminal investigation attorney at Manshoory Law and explain your situation. We will be able to advise you on what to do next.

How Do I Know if I’m Under Investigation by Los Angeles Police?

For many crimes, you may never know until you’re arrested. But for many white-collar crimes where evidence is much more difficult to obtain, the police may reach out to you to ask questions. They may call you directly or visit you at your office. Remember, if they want to talk to you then they are seeking evidence for something!

Society trains us to think that being nice and helping the police out with their investigation is the right thing to do. It can be, but if it turns out that you’re the one being investigated then it will make it much harder for your investigation attorney to defend you in court. Part of the Miranda Rights says that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You don’t have to be arrested for these rights to be in effect.

This is why you should only speak with an investigation lawyer present if you can. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and the right to speak only with an attorney present. The police do have to honor these rights or else the evidence they collect could get thrown out. Resist the urge to explain your side of the story; you may be saying things that could land you in jail without knowing it.

Undercover Investigations

Normally the police don’t need to go undercover to get the evidence they need. They’ll use their authority to ask you questions. But if you do believe you are the suspect in an undercover investigation then it does not hurt to talk to a lawyer about it. If you have a Los Angeles investigation lawyer on your side in advance, you’ll have a better chance if your suspicions are true.

Contact a Criminal Investigation Attorney

Los Angeles criminal investigation lawyer can do more than just advise you on what to do during questioning. Before charges are filed, a competent attorney will contact law enforcement for more information about the investigation and put pressure on them and on the prosecution to resolve the case in a favorable manner. The goal of your investigation lawyer at this stage is to keep criminal charges from being filed against you.

In a case where criminal charges are inevitable, a lawyer can assist you by helping you undergo a voluntary surrender (thus avoiding public arrest) and help you arrange bail so you do not have to remain in custody. That will let you keep your life stable while you and your Los Angeles investigation attorney work out how to fight the charges.

Essentially, a lawyer insulates you from the efforts of the criminal justice system to get you to incriminate yourself and interfere with your life. If you feel you are being investigated in the state of California for any reason, we urge you to call Manshoory Law for a free consultation. If you fail to get legal representation, you put your life and your freedom in serious jeopardy. Don’t wait until you’re arrested.

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