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Driving On A Suspended License: VC 14601

California Vehicle Code 14601 makes it a crime to drive without a license or on a suspended license knowing that your license has been suspended because you:

  • Have too many points on your driving record;
  • Have a mental or physical impairment that prevents you from carefully operating a vehicle;
  • Or you have a prior conviction or convictions for Driving Under the Influence.

Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License in Los Angeles

Driving with a Suspended License in Los Angeles under Vehicle Code 14601 is a misdemeanor that includes possible jail time and heavy fines. The gravity of your punishment depends on why your license was suspended in the first place and whether you have prior VC 14601 convictions.

Some examples of various penalties include:

  • Driver’s License was suspended for a prior DUI conviction: you face 10 days to 6 months in County Jail, plus a $300-$1000 fine;
  • Driver’s License was suspended for negligent driving: you face 5 days to 6 months in County Jail, plus a $300-$1000 fine;
  • Driver’s License was suspended for refusing to submit to a chemical test during a DUI investigation: up to 6 months in County Jail, plus a $300-$1000 fine;
  • Habitual traffic offenders while Driver’s License was suspended you face a MANDATORY 30 days in County Jail, plus a $1000 fine.

If you are charged with a VC 14601 violation, in Las Vegas California please do not hesitate to call Manshoory law Group right away. We have helped countless drivers from serving jail time and have successfully negotiated a VC 14601 violation down to a lesser charge.

Driving Without A License VC 12500

In California’s, driving without a license under Vehicle Code 12500 is often charged along with a 14601 VC violation. To be charged with a violation of VC 12500, the prosecutor need only prove that:

  • You were driving a motor vehicle, and
  • You did so while you were an unlicensed driver. (Unlike VC 14601, there is no knowledge requirement)

Vehicle Code 12500 can be charged as either a misdemeanor, which carries up to 6 months in jail, plus a CRIMINAL RECORD. But may also be charged as an infraction, which is only punishable by fines and does not create a CRIMINAL RECORD.

Should I get a Lawyer for Driving without a Licence or on a Suspended Licence in Los Angeles?

Manshoory Law Group has successfully negotiated hundreds of VC 12500 violations to infractions and lower both the penalty and charges down of a VC 14601 violation. The penalties for driving without a valid licence or a suspended licence are severe. If you find yourself accused of such crime, don’t hesitate to contact a professional Los Angeles lawyer.

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