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It has been a delicate time for the family and Attorney Shaheen Manshoory has been there every step of the way.

He is very passionate and trustworthy who advocates for his clients and their family every step of they way. He represented himself as well as the client and family very well with great knowledge and work ethics. He held the upmost integrity and respect for us all and made sure everyone felt comfortable through out this sensitive time. Shaheen showed true concern with this case a fought very hard through out the trial. He has exceeded our expectations in advocating for us in court and throughout the trial. Although the severity of the case has really put stress on the family, Shaheen has been able to provide comfort through the whole process by taking care of everything. I would strongly recommend him to those that are in need of an attorney.

Jazzy Q.

“Shaheen and his group helped me a lot during a very difficult time”

His team made sure I understood my rights, expected outcomes, and how the processes would work the entire time. I felt very confident in his skills and abilities. Manshoory law group was very good at making sure my calls where answered and responded to. I felt like I could call 24/7 and was always relived to within minutes. They worked with me on a fair price for service and I really appreciate these guys. If anyone is looking for a intelligent, capable, and dependable lawyer look no further.  Thanks again.

Ayuni K.

With so many attorneys in this business, it’s hard to find someone like this one.!

I wish I had known about Shaheen sooner. He helped me with early probation termination and tickets. I have recommended him to all my clients for criminal cases and have all been very satisfied with his services. I can honestly say I do not trust anyone more than Shaheen when dealing with a criminal case.
Forever thankful for what you’ve done for me and my clients. Thank you!!

Evelyn E.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Shaheen and his team. He is a tremendously competent criminal defense attorney representing hundreds of clients throughout all of Los Angeles.

I admire him for his honesty, ethics and a high level of personal integrity.  But most of all, I especially appreciate his concern for protecting average citizens from zealous prosecutors and sloppy law enforcement investigators. When people get caught up in our scary, heavy-handed legal system, you need somebody like Shaheen Manshoory that you know is going to defend you, and really cares as much as I know Shaheen does.

Mr. Manshoory was an amazing attorney! From the very first consult to the end he was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I talked to many different attorneys when I began my search for hire and Shaheen outshined the rest with his personable and dedicated demeanor. He made me feel at ease with the legal process and I got the end result I wanted. Highly recommended!

Crystal M.

If you’re looking for a knowledgable, professional, and dedicated attorney for your legal needs, look no further!

Very reliable, I was very pleased with the advice I received and I would recommend to friends and family.

Nicki H.

Manshoory is an amazing attorney!

From the very first time we spoke on the phone  he explained everything to me and answered every question i had for him. Just yesterday he  got one of  my cases dismissed.  Shaheem Manshoory is  Very professional, knows what he is doing and does his job very well.. I recommend him to everyone.

Hands down the best Lawyer!!!!!!

Jane G.

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