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Arrest Warrants / Bench Warrants / Failure to Appear

If you are aware of an active bench or arrest warrant in California county, it’s crucial that you contact a Los Angeles warrant lawyer immediately.

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Los Angeles Warrant Lawyer

When the police have a warrant for your arrest, you have serious legal trouble on your hands. You are in immediate danger of getting arrested if you are caught by the police with a warrant on your record. If you believe there is a warrant out for your arrest, the time to hire a criminal defense attorney for your defense is now!

Sadly, many people get hit with a warrant based on flimsy evidence or because of circumstances outside of their control. Once the legal system is paying attention to you as a potential criminal, your freedom is at stake.

A warrant gives officers the authority to make you play by their rules. Fight back by getting an experienced lawyer on your side to negotiate with the court so you can avoid arrest and get your affairs in order before you proceed with your case.

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What Is a Warrant?

Arrest and Bench warrants are documents that grant law enforcement officers the right to arrest you and bring you before a judge or magistrate. The two types of warrants are different in what gives rise to them, but they are similar in how they must be addressed.

Most Common Reason for Bench Warrants: Failure to Appear in Court

Bench warrants are issued when you were required to appear before the court, and you do not show. They are the most common type of warrants. Unlike arrest warrants, bench warrants do not require probable cause that you committed a crime. Your failure to appear is enough to have this type of warrant issued for your arrest.

This means that you don’t have to be accused of a crime to receive a bench warrant! For instance, if you are called to appear in family court and you fail to appear, the court can issue a bench warrant to force you to appear.

However, if there is a bench warrant out for your arrest a lawyer may be able to negotiate with the court to explain your circumstances before you get arrested. They may be able to strike a deal with the court to have the warrant revoked, or potentially represent you before the court. It depends on the circumstances of your warrant.

You do not want to get a criminal record just because you forgot a court date. If you believe a bench warrant has been put out for your arrest, call the Los Angeles bench warrant attorney and explain your situation. There is a good chance we can help you.

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When is a Person Legally Required to Appear in Court in California?

Under California law, there are times when a person is legally required to appear in court. Failure to do so can result in harsh penalties including jail time and fines.

A person must appear in court or face legal consequences then they:

  • Are ordered to court by a judge as part of a criminal proceeding
  • Gave a written promise that they would appear
  • Received a summons to appear in court
  • Are subject to or receive a subpoena
  • Received a notice to appear in court
  • Are notified in some other way to appear in court

What are the Consequences of Failing to Appear?

Failure to appear is not a charge to be taken lightly. California has several statutes that address this

  • California Penal Code 1320 PC – This makes it a misdemeanor to fail to appear after being released on your own recognizance.
  • California Penal Code 1320.5 PC – Makes it a felony to fail to appear when you are charged with or convicted of a felony, released on bail, and willfully fails to appear in order to evade the process of the court.
  • California Penal Code 853.7 PC – Makes it a misdemeanor to fail to appear after giving a written promise to appear or a lawfully granted continuance of their promise to appear.
  • Vehicle Code 40508 VC – Makes it a misdemeanor to fail to appear in court for a traffic citation.
  • Vehicle Code 40509 VC – Allows for the state to suspend a person’s driver’s license if they fail to appear for a ticket or citation in traffic court.

Most Common Reason for Arrest Warrants: Suspected/Accused of a Crime

When a police officer writes a sworn statement saying there is probable cause to believe you committed a crime, a judge reviews his statement and may write a warrant for your arrest. A police officer can rely on things like hearsay and accusations when authoring his sworn statement.

Probable cause is a very low threshold and arrest warrants are routinely issued with shockingly thin evidence. While this evidence may not be enough for the state to proceed with a case against you, you will still get an arrest on your record if you are caught.

If you have a warrants lawyer on your side, we can start fighting that evidence and build your case. In some cases, it’s possible to prove a warrant’s evidence is false and get it dropped if we appear on your behalf before you get arrested.

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Other Reasons 

There are other situations where a warrant may be issued for your arrest. These include:

  • Failure to Pay a Fine or Comply with a Court Order
  • Child Support Warrant
  • Failure to Comply with Court Ordered Classes

Hiring an Aggressive and Experienced Los Angeles Warrant Attorney

If you have outstanding warrants in Los Angeles, or if you have received notice of a warrant for your arrest, don’t try to handle it yourself. You need an aggressive and experienced Los Angeles Warrant attorney. You need to contact Manshoory Law Group immediately before law enforcement finds you and takes you into custody.

The issuance of an arrest warrant may be the first step in the criminal prosecution against you and you are going to need the experienced and dedicated legal representation that only Manshoory Law Group can offer in order to fight the criminal charge against you.

If you failed to appear to go to a court date when you were required to do so and now have a bench warrant in Los Angeles, again, call us immediately!

Courts look more favorably on those that willingly bring themselves into court rather than being picked up by the police. Often, we can appear on your behalf to recall a bench warrant, so you may never need to disrupt work or family life by going to court.

Getting an arrest on your record, even if the prosecution declines to proceed with your case, can put you at a disadvantage in life.

Many employers will not hire someone with an arrest on their record and you may be denied other opportunities if it is discovered. Yet sometimes life gets in the way, and you may be faced with a warrant. Don’t face it alone. Get Manshoory Law on your side as soon as you are notified that there is a warrant.