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Trial Preparation: Independent Investigation

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Trial Preparation: Independent Investigation in Los Angeles California

Why Should I Get an Independent Investigator?

One of the most important pre-trial actions you can take to bolster your negotiating strength, and the strength of your possible trial, is to hire an investigator. Investigator’s primarily do the following:

  • interview witnesses and record witness statements
  • collect and gather physical evidence, including audio and video recordings
  • serve subpoenas to force the appearance of witnesses or production of evidence at trial
  • testify at trial if witnesses change their story or lie on the stand

Odds are, the witnesses in your case will be interviewed by the police. The police are responsible for summarizing what those witnesses say and passing those statements on to the prosecutor. This gives police a tremendous advantage in that they can distort facts to help them and leave out facts that help you.

The many benefits of hiring the right criminal defense attorney before going to trial.

An independent investigator is able to interview witnesses to the crime as well as the alleged victim. This way, if the police have distorted or omitted crucial facts pointing to your innocence, the investigator can put them in a new report that would then be provided to the district attorney.

Another benefit is that independent investigators can track down other evidence about what happened, including things like security footage. Most people assume that the police thoroughly investigate every case, but the truth is, the police only investigate until they are convinced of your guilt. They do not go out and look for extra proof, or information which might exonerate you. If you think there might be security footage contained in local businesses or on private property that captures the alleged crime, sending an investigator to subpoena the footage and the witnesses is crucial to building a defense.

Gathering more witness statements and more material evidence like security footage will be the difference between a bad deal and a good deal, or a good deal and a great deal. And if the case cannot be resolved in a way that’s favorable to you, all the information the investigator gathers will strengthen your trial defense.

If you’re thinking about hiring an attorney, do not forget to discuss with your Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer the kind of investigation services they offer, as these are indispensable to both negotiation and trial, and indispensable to protecting your freedom, your finances, and your reputation.

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