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Top 10 Dui Mistakes

California DUI penalties are some of the nation’s strictest. You can take steps to prevent an arrest and reduce your chances of losing your DUI case.

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Discover the Top 10 DUI Mistakes Los Angeles Drivers Make!

California has some of the strictest DUI Laws in the United States

There is an art to becoming an excellent DUI lawyer. It requires effort, discipline, and a genuine desire to achieve excellent results. Criminal defense lawyers at Manshoory Law Group offer our clients highly effective, knowledgeable, and focused legal advice specific to DUI-related cases and laws.

We are well-versed in criminal defense and understand the complexities of DUI cases. Our firm can guide you through the process and give you peace of mind to better understand your rights.

Top 10 DUI Mistakes

Top 10 DUI Mistakes People Make in Los Angeles 

  • Not Having a Designated Driver 

Before going out for drinks, designate a driver to get you home safely. If you can’t assign a designated driver, request a Lyft or Uber or find the number to a local cab company. If you are unable to do so, bars and restaurants can always find a cab for you.

Being proactive will always save you money, and it can also keep you from losing your license, paying fines, obtaining points on your driving record, and even going to jail.

  • Failure to Have Your Driving Documents Readily Available

If you drink and choose to drive, have your documents ready – such as your license, registration, and proof of insurance. Law enforcement will be looking for any type of behavior that suggests you are under the influence.

Fumbling around your wallet or purse could be enough evidence for an officer to assume you are under the influence. You can eliminate this risk by keeping your documents in one place at all times.

  • Not Hiring the Right Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyer

Many people try to do the right thing by hiring an attorney after a DUI arrest. Their first mistake is trusting their legal matters to a less experienced lawyer and may base their selection of an attorney solely on cost.

You should be able to trust that your lawyer can be depended on to investigate your case, exhaust all avenues of defense, hire experts, and bring your matter to trial if necessary.

  • Failure to Obtain a Copy of the Police Report or Witness Information

Not requesting a copy of a police report or other sources of evidence could be detrimental to your case. Police reports can often be the basis of a strong defense.

A witness can offer crucial information that may alter or change the facts of the case. Failure to collect any evidence that can be used in your favor could weaken your case.

  • Failure to Learn Your Miranda Rights 

Miranda rights protect your constitutional right to remain silent after an arrest, to have an attorney represent you, and to avoid self-incrimination. To exercise your Miranda rights, it is wise to vocalize your desire to remain silent. If you exercise your right by acknowledging the Miranda warning, you could strengthen your defense.

Top 10 DUI Mistakes Los Angeles Drivers Make

  • Self-Incrimination or Helping Police Gather Evidence Against You 

It’s only natural to want to speak with the police. But in the case of a DUI charge, we do not want to give officers any reasonable cause to search you or conduct a sobriety test.

If the officer asks if you had any alcohol to drink, any admission you make will be used against you in court. Instead, invoke your right to counsel. Though you cannot consult a lawyer before a breath test is administered, it should prevent any further questioning.

  • Driving After a License Suspension

If you are caught driving with a suspended license after a DUI suspension, you will face additional consequences and penalties. In addition to a longer license suspension period, you may be sentenced to up to 60 days in jail. Penalties for driving with a suspended license will be added to any previous penalties.

  • Failure to Appear at Your Court Date 

Failure to appear or forgetting your court date could result in a bench warrant for your arrest. The courts will revoke any bail or bonds that you may have posted. It is one of the most harmful mistakes in a DUI case.

A delay in your case may result in the Court denying your attorney additional time once the case is before the Court, solely because of the delay caused by your original absence.

  • Speaking About Your Case to Someone Other Than Your Lawyer 

Talking to anyone other than your attorney, such as family, friends, or co-workers, even statements made to your insurance adjuster after a Dui, could be harmful to your case. Even if you think an officer is on your side, do not say anything.

They are not your friends. It is the job of a prosecutor and law enforcement officers to obtain any evidence against you, and anything you say can become incriminating and used against you.

  • Representing Yourself in Court

An experienced DUI lawyer can represent your best interests in court. If you refused to take a breath test, didn’t exercise your Miranda rights, or failed to appear in court, a lawyer has the skills and knowledge to fight the allegations made against you with a strong legal defense. Your lawyer can ensure that the prosecution plays by the rules and does not take advantage of you in court.