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If you think you could potentially have an outstanding warrant in California, this is no doubt a distressing situation. It is a good idea to find out for sure if you actually have one or not. Typically, an individual with a warrant who is proactive and cooperative with addressing the issue has a better chance of being looked on more kindly by the court.

The sooner you can get your legal situation under control the better. If you confirm that you have an outstanding warrant, then quick action to get your legal situation under control is the route you will want to go. It is advisable that you don’t attempt to take on this task alone. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable California criminal defense attorney will increase your chances of lessening the penalties you face.

The California criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group can help you determine if you have a warrant, should you need assistance figuring that out. If you do have a warrant, the Manshoory Law Group will also support you by assisting you in addressing the court about the warrant.

How Can You Check to See if You Have an Active California Warrant?

Depending on your violations, you could have either a California bench warrant or a California arrest warrant. There are differences between the two and these differences are:

  • An arrest warrant is issued in your name when you are believed to be the person who committed a crime.
  • A bench warrant is issued in your name when you have been determined to be in “contempt of court.” If you missed a court date, didn’t pay a fine, or violated a court order a bench warrant would be applied.

No matter which warrants you have, law enforcement has the right to arrest you for that warrant. When a judge issues a warrant against you, it is entered into the appropriate official website by the clerk of the court. It isn’t just your local authorities that can access this information, anyone with access to the US Department of Justice website can see the information. So if you are pulled over anywhere in the state of California or in the country, law enforcement can see that you have a warrant.

You can perform a search to determine if there does exist an outstanding warrant against you, any of the following three ways:

  1. Your local sheriff’s website or the website for the local court could have information on a warrant that was issued for you.
  2. You can look over the website of the Superior Court of California to find any outstanding warrants against you.
  3. You can run a criminal background check on yourself.

Speak with a California Criminal Defense Attorney Today

It is a good idea to immediately meet with a skillful Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer when you believe that you have a warrant. The defense lawyers at the Manshoory Law Group can tell you if the warrant you believe you have actually names you and what that warrant is for.

Additionally, they will advise you on the amount of bail associated with the warrant. There are many benefits of working with a criminal defense attorney and to ensure your best outcomes are seen, call the Manshoory Law Group at 877-977-7750 today.

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