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The new legislation that was passed and that began in 2021 in California impacts businesses, employees of businesses, the criminal justice system, the insurance industry, and the environment. While the existence of COVID did have some impact on the new laws, many initiatives were discussed before the pandemic took hold. For those that are currently in the California criminal justice system and for those that have served their time in prison and are out, the following changes to the laws could be impactful to their lives.

Updated legislation in California can change the parameters of your case or your sentence if you are convicted. To learn more about how changes in California criminal law affect you, the California criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group can answer your questions and provide you with the most effective and tactical defense strategies to fight your charges. The Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers at the Manshoory Law Group are available to distressed individuals who have been arrested for a crime in California.

What 2021 California Legislation Impacts Criminal Reform?

Three out of the ten new laws are directed at criminal justice reform and these laws include:

The way an officer detains a suspect has gone under immense scrutiny all around the country. In California, it is now illegal for law enforcement officials to make use of chokeholds and carotid holds as a means of putting down a suspect.

One of the liberties and freedoms that are lost when one goes to prison is the right to vote. Now in California, those on parole who were denied the ability to vote prior to 2021 will have the ability to cast their ballot in elections.

The rampant wildfires caused massive harm and destruction in California. Professional firefighters were overwhelmed with the job it took to put out the fires and keep the public safe. The new legislation allows for those that served their time for their felony conviction who also assisted in the efforts to fight the fires the ability to have their charges expunged. Every case is different, and some cases won’t make the cut, but there are still many that have the potential to benefit from this law. This would mean that for those that are successful, these individuals could realistically become professional California firefighters.

Not everyone included in the California criminal justice system will have their criminal situation altered by changes in in-laws, but many could. It is important to know that when new laws are made you could be affected. Working with the most experienced and up-to-date criminal defense law firm in California will ensure your case doesn’t get lost in the shuffle and you see your full legal justice.

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The southern California criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group, APC have a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the constantly changing laws in California. The Manshoory Law Group has the legal team you want fighting for your legal justice. When you need rapid and compelling legal counsel to contest your California criminal charges, call the Manshoory Law Group today for the highest quality criminal legal defense services in Los Angeles at 877-977-7750.

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