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What is House Arrest?

You wouldn’t be alone if you were convicted of a crime in California and you preferred to serve your time in your home rather than in jail. Many individuals are unaware of their rights and options after a conviction.

Some crimes, not all, that involve jail time may have the potential for alternative sentencing like home detention. Working with the right legal team who knows how to effectively argue on your behalf for house arrest will increase your chances of obtaining this favored outcome.

It is critically important that you work with the most astute and experienced Los Angeles, criminal defense attorney, after your conviction because judges tend not to readily offer up opportunities for alternative sentencing. It is the responsibility of your attorney to know when an alternative sentence applies so that they can request it for you.

Further, even when a lawyer seeks alternative sentencing it is often denied. It takes a proficient and convincing attorney to coax a judge and prosecutor into believing that you merit the right to serve your time in your own home.

The capable and savvy Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law know how to secure the best possible results for individuals convicted of crimes in California.

House Arrest Instead of Jail Time

Who Qualifies for House Arrest

House arrest may be issued to individuals under the following conditions:

  • The individual is non-violent.
  • The individual is not a threat to the public and is low-risk.
  • The individual has not been forbidden from the opportunity to be given home detention.
  • The individual’s residence during their home detention sentence is local to the county that they were sentenced.
  • The individual has a land-line telephone in the home that they are serving their time.
  • The individual may have to pay for the total cost or a portion of the cost associated with their home detention.

What are the House Arrest Rules in California?

When house arrest in California is issued, there are several rules that you will have to follow. It is incredibly important that you abide by all of the guidelines for your home arrest. Should you violate any of these rules, you will lose your ability to serve your time at home and will be sent to jail for the remainder of your sentence.

To better understand what rules are associated with home detention in California, consider the following:

  • You must stay inside your home at all times. Spending time relaxing outside in your backyard, for example, could be considered a violation.
  • You will be monitored 24/7 through a GPS tracker or an electric ankle bracelet. If you fiddle with these devices or there are any irregularities identified, you can be in jeopardy of losing your home arrest privileges.
  • If the judge believes you have an alcohol or drug problem, you may have to also wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet or a drug patch.
  • If you were permitted the ability to leave your home to go to specific approved locations, you can only go to these places. You will also be limited in the time you are allowed to be away from your home when you leave.

How to Request House Arrest

The talented legal team at the Manshoory Law Group will find every way possible to effectively defend you. The Manshoory Law Group will always search for and fight for the best possible results. Call the Los Angeles attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group to schedule your free consultation at (877) 977-7750.

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