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Various controversies with Facebook have been cycling through the news lately.  Another issue tied to the social networking giant includes the recruitment of Americans to smuggle large illegal quantities of narcotics from Mexico into the United States.  Last month, a 33-year-old woman was arrested at the California border trying to cross with 37 kilos of cocaine.  She admits to being recruited by a Facebook ad that offered an opportunity to make money.  Additionally, a man from California was caught trying to cross the border with 67 kilos of meth and 5.6 kilos of cocaine who also admitted to finding the “job” through a Facebook ad that promised work.

Details into these claims regarding ads on the social networking site are still unclear at this time. What is shown by these admissions from the smugglers was that crimes aren’t something that is necessarily only found in dark corners or during secret meetings, they can be done out in the open on social networking platforms that are visited daily by millions of users.  Facebook is almost an ideal place for this type of activity because of its ease of use, the ability to connect to anyone anywhere, as well as the difficulting with monitoring.  This last feature is what really helps bad actors engage in nefarious activities.

The enticement and promise of money for seemingly easy work is what draws people towards these ads.  In further discussions with some of the individuals who were caught and cited Facebook as the means to which they got involved with trafficking, gaining money was as easy as dropping a vehicle off at a Mexico vehicle repair shop and then simply drive it back to the United States.  After successful completion, there is the promise of payment.

Social Media for Criminal Behavior

While Facebook itself is being used to conjure up criminal activities, Messenger, Whatsapp, as well as Instagram are also platforms that are used for various criminal schemes.  These have all been used for drug trafficking activities.  Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are all being effectively utilized by drug cartels and human smugglers.


Where does liability for these activities fall?  Facebook contends that it does not own liability and that it prohibits any type of content that puts forth criminal activities or coordinates them.  Additionally, ads posted on the site must follow these same guidelines and policies.  Ads are said to be monitored to ensure that they are in compliance with the rules and guidelines of the site.

When law enforcement issues subpoenas and warrants, Facebook has been cooperative.  The site has taken proactive efforts to limit drug activity, specifically by developing AI which can detect potential drug sales that exist on the platform.  Even with these efforts, though, there are still many illegal opportunities that slip through the cracks and trickle down to the public.

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