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Everyone makes mistakes and if you violated the law that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad or depraved human. If you were arrested for a nonviolent offense in California that you committed due to a substance abuse issue, a judge may decide that instead of prison time, you should go to rehab. Several studies have been done which show that rehab for some individuals who aren’t committing violent crimes and don’t have a criminal history but do have a substance abuse problem have greater success re-entering society when they go to rehab over the prison.

There are no guarantees when it comes to the success of rehab because there are other factors that go into whether treatment will be effective or not. When you go into rehab, you will need to have the determination to change and you must want to better your life.

If you aren’t committed to the process or serious about the work that has to be done to get clean, rehab may not be productive for you. Leaving your program, even when you have completed it may still result in the continued abuse of alcohol or drugs as well as proceeding in committing other crimes. On the other hand, individuals who have a positive and welcoming attitude to rehab can change their life forever. 

How Can a Defendant in California Get Court-Ordered Rehab Instead of Prison?

To avoid prison time, a defendant must have the most knowledgeable and experienced California criminal defense attorney advocating for them. The Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group are dedicated to helping defendants beat their charges and wherever available stay out of jail by taking advantage of alternative programs that are applicable. 

Most criminal defendants in Los Angeles can only get court-ordered rehab after they plead guilty to their charges. While pleading guilty doesn’t make it certain that you will get rehab over the prison, if you are being represented by one of the Los Angeles drug crime attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group your chances improve substantially.

The Los Angeles criminal lawyers at the Manshoory Law Group are dedicated to aggressively protecting your rights and your future. Part of that job is deeply caring about your wellbeing and doing what is right and in your best interest. When rehab is a possibility, not only will your attorney at the Manshoory Law Group advise you of the option so you don’t go to jail but also to ensure you get the assistance you need so you can be healthy again and reclaim your life.

Speak to a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Today

The research shows that sentencing people with a dependence problem to prison only works to keep them in the system due to the high recidivism rates that have been noted. By contrast, giving a person a lifeline and a chance to get their life back in order through court-ordered rehab has been met with great success.  

The Los Angeles drug crime attorneys at Manshoory Law Grop will review your case and discuss with you what options you have to stay out of prison and to get well again. If you are suffering from a substance abuse problem, a rehabilitation program has the potential to be life-changing. Call the Manshoory Law Group today to schedule your free case evaluation at 877-977-7750.

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