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If you served your country and have suffered trauma, overcoming your distress is not an easy undertaking. It isn’t uncommon for a veteran to come home only to feel overwhelmed and isolated from others. When a veteran is suffering from severe mental anguish, if they have turned to alcohol or drugs because of their pain, they could find themselves in a desperate situation.

A veteran struggling with addiction or mental health issues has an increased potential to get into legal trouble in California. When this happens, they may have the opportunity to be admitted into the Veterans’ Court system instead of being put through California’s civilian criminal justice system.

There are many benefits to being processed through California’s Veterans’ Court system and our nation’s heroes deserve to have the opportunity if they qualify. At the Manshoory Law Group, the California criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in all the programs, courses, and alternatives available that a defendant may be able to participate in so that they don’t have to serve time in jail.

If you are facing criminal charges in California, the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group can advise you of your options and best strategies to reducing your charges, having your charges dropped, and what options you have to stay out of jail.

Veterans’ Court in California

How do California Veterans’ Courts operate?

The Veterans’ Court system combines treatment for drug and mental health issues so that these individuals can get the relevant and purposeful aid necessary to make a difference. The United States has more than 23 million veterans and according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, former service members make up as much as one-third of the country’s homeless population. A significant portion of the veteran homeless population has a mental health problem and an even greater segment grapples with substance abuse.

The ultimate goal of the specialty court system is to treat the core issues plaguing veterans so that they can become well and go back to living normal, healthy civilian lives. Eventually, if veterans are successful with the interventions they may be able to have their charges expunged from their record. Re-entering society with a clean record and fully rehabilitated opens up the doors to a promising future full of opportunities.

Veterans who go through the system will not have to pay for their treatment. The treatment program will be in lieu of jail time as long as their charges aren’t any that involve considerable violence towards others. There are several success stories for veterans who made it through the system and were able to live fulfilling and prosperous lives such as going back to school, or obtaining gainful employment, and even starting families. 

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