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What is a 995 Motion?

Defendants in felony cases in California have the right to a preliminary hearing where a judge determines if there is probable cause to send the case to trial. If the judge at the preliminary hearing believes that probable cause exists, the defendant will be arraigned and a trial date will be scheduled.

When the defendant was denied specific rights during the preliminary hearing or when there wasn’t enough evidence to prove probable cause the defendant’s California criminal defense attorney can file a 995 motion to dismiss.

A 995 motion will be reviewed by the trial judge and has the potential to have a defendant’s charges partially dismissed or completely dismissed. An arrest and conviction of a crime can change a person’s life forever. When there exist legal ways to reduce charges or have charges dropped a good attorney will find these opportunities.

Working with a seasoned and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney protects a defendant’s rights and liberties. The Southern California criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group only work on criminal defense cases and will ensure you know all of the options you have to resolve your case. 

995 Motion

In What Circumstances Can A 995 Motion Be Successful?

Several circumstances can result in a successful dismissal from a 995 motion including:

  • To prove probable cause there must be enough ironclad evidence to support it. When a preliminary judge allows a case to move forward to trial with insufficient or flimsy evidence this is unjust and a 995 motion can result in the case’s dismissal.
  • If during the preliminary hearing more evidence is found and produced that speaks to the defendant’s innocence, the defendant should have their charges dropped.
  • When the evidence used to prove probable cause was gathered by illegal means, a 995 motion can have that evidence removed from the case. Then there may no longer be enough proof to support the probable cause and the charges would be dropped.
  • The 14th Amendment says that it is a requirement to make available all information that the prosecution has that pertains to the defendant or is advantageous to the defendant in a reasonable amount of time. If this doesn’t happen, a case can be dismissed.
  • Procedural failures like missed deadlines can lead to filing a 995.
  • Unless a defendant approves a delay in their preliminary hearing, it is unlawful to interrupt the session, and doing so will lead to dropped charges.

Attorneys who successfully argue for a dismissal will be able to have some of the charges or all of the charges their client is facing dropped. When the attempt is unsuccessful and the trial judge determines there is no reason to drop charges against a defendant, that doesn’t mean the defendant is out of options.

A defendant’s California defense lawyer can file an appeal on their behalf. The window for appealing the decision is narrow; therefore if enough evidence warrants the petition it is critical that a defendant’s Southern California defense lawyer not delay.

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