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Domestic violence charges in California can have far-reaching effects on your life outside of any potential criminal penalties you face. Your personal relationships with others and even your career can be affected if you are convicted of such actions.

If you are currently unemployed and looking for a job, California domestic violence charges can keep you from obtaining gainful employment to earn an honest living.

The implications that domestic violence charges can have on a person could bleed into their personal life, including their ability to keep their job. This means that your livelihood can be negatively affected by domestic violence charges even if they are false. It is important to work with a California criminal defense attorney when you are facing domestic violence charges in Los Angeles, but not every attorney is the same.

The Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group only work on criminal defense. There is no other niche of law that the experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers at the Manshoory Law Group focus on other than defending individuals from criminal charges.

When your life is in limbo after an arrest, it is imperative you have the best, most attentive criminal defense available.

You Could Lose Your Job After a California Domestic Violence Charge

Will Your Job Be Affected By a California Domestic Violence Charge?

Several laws have been put in place to protect people from unfair discrimination. This includes laws that protect individuals from being fired from their job simply because an employer has a poor opinion about anything they heard about a person. That being said, if you are convicted of domestic violence in California there are no laws that can stop your employer from firing you because of it.

This means that the best way to protect and preserve your rights if someone is accusing you of domestic violence is to get an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can.

In some professions, it may be required that you come clean about any arrests you have undergone. For the most part though, if you are arrested for an alleged crime, your employer will not be notified about it or even know it happened. The problem arises when you need to take time away from work for court proceedings and other legal matters related to your arrest.

When you need to invest a significant amount of time in your legal situation, it may be best to tell your employer what is going on in your life. Not only does this show your employer your honesty and transparency, but it also helps them understand why you are asking for time away from work. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to explain your side of the story which could stop any potential future firing from taking place.

Speak with a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Being charged and convicted of California domestic violence means that you will never be able to erase this blemish from your record. Potentially, expungement in California may be the best way to resolve this issue, but only those people who are qualified for it will have a chance at it.

This will only be possible if your conviction was at the misdemeanor level, so if you were convicted of a felony, then it is a whole new ball game. For all of your questions and for the most talented and proficient Los Angeles legal defense, contact us to schedule your free case evaluation at (877) 977-7750.

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