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Wondering if you have to speak to the police when you are arrested and in situations where you are being questioned by police but not charged is logical and reasonable. Many people are arrested every day and questioned by authorities that have never experienced a run-in with the police and who have no idea what to do. The same is true for people being questioned by authorities who also aren’t sure about how to respond.

The reality is this, you have the right to remain silent whether you are being put under arrest in Los Angeles or if you are simply being asked questions by a police officer who is not arresting you. 

Ask any criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and they will tell you the same thing, never speak to the police after an arrest without your attorney present. Any single statement or word you use when you speak to law enforcement will be supplied to the prosecutor assigned to your case.

Criminal prosecutors are very savvy and they know how to take what you say and misconstrue it so that it makes you look guilty. The Manshoory Law Group has the Southern California criminal defense lawyers you want sitting by your side, protecting you from harm, and fighting so that you beat your charges and see your full legal justice.

n Questioned by Police but Not Charged

Do you Have to Answer Police Questions?

Both individuals who are being put under arrest and those who are not do not have to say anything to the police. In some situations, the police may visit your home, for example, to ask you questions concerning a case they are working on. When they do this they believe that you have valuable information that could help their investigation.

While you may not immediately be suspected of a crime, potentially law enforcement may determine that you should be a suspect for some reason. In this case, what you said to them when they initially came to your home can be used against you. So if you think that this is a situation that you are in, declining to provide information is going to be in your best interest.

There are many situations when the authorities talk to you about a situation that if you decide to work with them, will not come back to harm you. However, if you are arrested for a crime or if you suspect that you could be implicated in one, it is the best course of action not to speak to the police. It can be very confusing if you aren’t being put under arrest because the officer will not read you your Miranda Rights when they come to question you the way that they would if you were being actively arrested. So knowing this in advance, may be helpful.

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You do not have to provide any information that could put your freedom in jeopardy. To best preserve your rights and help you get the best possible outcome from your Los Angeles arrest, contact us at Manshoory Law Group. The Los Angeles defense attorneys at Manshoory Law Group will meet with you and discuss your case during a free consultation at (877) 977-7750.

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