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Since the days of America Online in the 1990s or even its predecessors the text-only bulletin board systems that tied up the phone lines of fun-loving nerds for hours on end in the 1980s, conventional wisdom has always dictated that you should not reveal your true identity online.  This has led both to people saying and doing horrible things online behind the veil of pseudonymity as well as to friendships, or at least to friendly fan relationships, among people who do not know each other’s real names. 

When an influencer or other social media star gets accused of a crime, though, the speculation about it often involves connecting a real name, present on the arrest record or arrest warrant, to the online pseudonym.  Whether you have thousands of followers on social media or zero, you have the right to representation by a Los Angeles violent crimes defense lawyer if you get charged with assault or another violent crime.

The Rise and Fall of Shadman

A graphic artist who goes by the name Shadman has been posting his drawings online since 2009, and the consensus is that he is Shaddai Prejean, who was born in Switzerland and is now 31 years old.  Shadman, who always wears a face-covering in his videos, is no stranger to controversy.  He has attracted criticism for his sexually suggestive drawings of popular animated characters and public figures, so much so that he removed the most controversial content from his site in 2019.

Today, Prejean is facing legal trouble.  In late October 2021, he was arrested in Los Angeles County after an altercation.  He is now facing criminal charges for assault with a deadly weapon, but few other details about the incident are available on news sites.

Assault With a Deadly Weapon Charges in California

You can get criminal charges for assault with a deadly weapon if you injure or attempt to injure someone with a weapon such as a firearm or a knife.  The charge applies whether or not the victim actually suffers bodily injury.  Assault with a deadly weapon is a felony, punishable by up to four years in state prison, or else by a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Any of several defenses might apply.  You might argue that you assaulted someone but did not have a weapon.  In other cases, you might argue that you used the weapon by accident or that you acted in self-defense.  Your criminal defense lawyer can help you decide which defense to use or whether you should seek a plea deal.

Contact the Manshoory Law Group About Accusations of Assault With a Deadly Weapon

A Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer can help you if you are being accused of assault with a deadly weapon or another kind of criminal offense that involves violence or bodily injury.  Your initial consultation is always free, so contact us at Manshoory Law Group in Los Angeles, California, or call (877)977-7750 to discuss your case.

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