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Fraud Crimes

Los Angeles Fraud Crimes Defense Attorneys

Protect Your Future & Your Freedom

Under California law, you have committed a fraud crime anytime you commit an act that results in an undeserved benefit for yourself and/or causes harm or loss to another person. This broad definition means that there are many types of actions that can cause you to be charged with fraud.

If you’re convicted of a fraud crime, you will face high fines along with significant jail or prison time. A conviction can mean you struggle to find a job, secure housing, get into school, and more. In a fraud case, your whole future is at stake.

Also, many fraud offenses are also federal crimes, meaning that you could be pursued in federal court as well. This means even more penalties could be piled on after a state-level conviction.

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Common Fraud Defenses

There are several defenses available to defend a fraud charge, including:

You didn’t deceive. If the prosecutors can’t prove that you used fraud or deceit to obtain the property in question, you can’t be convicted of fraud.
You didn’t have fraudulent intent. If you didn’t intend to defraud the victim, you cannot be convicted of a fraud crime.
Mistaken identity. You are a victim of mistaken identity, and you weren’t involved in the action that occurred.
Entrapment. The police or law enforcement lured or enticed you into the fraudulent act.
To pursue these defenses successfully, you need an experienced Los Angeles fraud defense lawyer on your side.

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