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How a Bail Reduction Hearing Works

California’s bail system allows some defendants the ability to avoid having to stay in jail while they await their court date. Individuals who are charged with crimes punishable by death, individuals who have violated their parole conditions, and individuals that are believed to be a safety concern for the public will not have the right to bail, but other defendants do.

There are many ways to pay bail giving defendants flexibility. However, popular arguments against the California bail system include claiming it is unfairly helpful to the rich who can afford to post bail and avert time behind bars waiting for a trial. When compared to the poor, it is quite unjust because the poor have no means to pay and will have to sit in prison until their date comes.

For defendants that are not able to pay their bail, they could be stuck in a jail cell for weeks or even months until their case is heard. In some cases, a defendant may have a bail amount that is so high there is no way that they will ever be able to pay it. If you have been arrested and given a bail amount that you believe should be reduced, contact the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group for help.

There are a lot of arguments an attorney can make to help their client have their bail reduced. One of the Los Angeles criminal lawyers at the Manshoory Law Group will look over your situation and determine what angle is appropriate for establishing that you deserve a reduction in your bail amount.

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What Can Help Facilitate a Bail Reduction?

A top-notch California criminal defense attorney is going to look at every aspect of their client’s case to see where they can reduce charges, get a not guilty verdict, see if their client can be let off on their own reconnaissance before their trial, or find a way to have bail lowered where applicable. A judge is going to thoroughly inspect several aspects of your case to make a decision on if you should have your bail lowered.

The judge will consider the following:

  • The severity and nature of your crime.
  • If you could pose a threat to the public should you not be detained.
  • How extensive your criminal history is.
  • How dependable and reliable you are and if you are likely to show up to your court date or not.
  • If you used a deadly weapon when you allegedly committed a crime.
  • How much pain and suffering you caused a victim.
  • If you were in possession of or on a controlled substance at the time of the crime.

Contact a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Being assigned a bail amount gives defendants some wiggle room when it comes to staying out of jail until they have to appear in court. Given that it can be a lengthy amount of time after an arrest before a court date is scheduled, avoiding detention is important.

Not every defendant has the funds to just put up at any given time so they can avoid custody. When bail amounts are high, there is the possibility of having them reduced. Even when a bail amount is reduced it can still be out of reach of the defendant in terms of payment. In this situation, a bail bond company may be utilized and often is. 

To learn more about how you can secure the best possible outcome for your case, and to have the most aggressive and established criminal legal counsel in Los Angeles, schedule a free case evaluation with the Manshoory Law Group. To do so, simply call (877) 977-7750 today.

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