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Criminal charges are what two women from Los Angeles County are looking at from an IRS scam they allegedly participated in. According to Fox 11, 25-year-old Ailing Lu, of Los Angeles, and 25-year-old Ji Hyun Lee, of Gardena, were identified as the suspects. The scam these women potentially were engaged in was one that stole thousands of dollars from their victims.

The investigation started early in September, on the 4th. A male victim reported to the Fontana Police Department that he received a call from an individual pretending to be the IRS. The phone call was threatening in nature and the individual claimed that the victim would be arrested if he didn’t pay $2,200 worth of Target gift cards. The male victim did pay the money to the scammers.

Detectives investigated the trail of the gift cards and were able to locate them in the Los Angeles area. In combination with Target’s Loss Prevention Team, surveillance video of the incident was retrieved. In the state of Indiana, a similar case took place which, when compared to the LA incident, showed that the suspects were both Lu and Lee.

The authorities found over $900,000 in goods that included electronics, gift cards, as well as a variety of other items that lead to the arrest of both Lu and Lee. The women were booked into the West Valley Detention Center.

Authorities believe that there are many more individuals who are a part of the scam and are telling the public to contact their local law enforcement agency should they receive these types of calls. It is important to note neither law enforcement nor public agencies will ask for payments in the form of gift cards.

irs scammers arrested

How to Protect Yourself From Phone Scammers?

The IRS lists the scams they are monitoring and provides resources to help individuals recognize these scams and avoid them. Victims of these scams have lost over $23 million throughout the country. Scammers are tricky and will always try to change their approach in order to trip up victims. Scammers that are arrested face steep penalties and punishment for these federal crimes.

Arrested for IRS Same: Can an Attorney Help?

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