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California’s Governor Gavin Newsom approved one of the most strict police deadly force measures that exists anywhere in the United States.  The policy states that officers are only able to use deadly force on an individual who would otherwise be harming or killing another individual.  The law originally allowed for use of force in order to prevent an individual from fleeing during an arrest attempt.


Assembly Bill No. 392 was approved in August and it catapults California’s standards for deadly force to one of the very highest levels in the country.  It indicates that law enforcement officers must use all available resources and techniques to address individuals during arrest instead of deadly force.


The Case of Stephon Clark

In 2018, reports of break-ins were called into the Sacramento Police Department.  When a call that a male was breaking in to cars in the area came in, a helicopter was tracking a suspect and lead the police to the area where Clark was staying.  After officers confronted Clark, he fled to his house, and the police indicated that he turned to them and extended his arms towards them holding an object.  The police believed that the object was a gun and as a result, they fired 20 rounds at him, 8 of which hit him directly.  Back up came many minutes later for treatment and handcuffing.  After the officers were in contact with Clark they saw that he did not have a gun, he was carrying a cell phone.


Following the incident, a prosecutor in Sacramento did not file charges against the officers that shot Clark.  They indicated that Clark engaged in a shooting stance which looked to officers like he possessed a gun.  The case sparked outrage in the community and eventually led to composing the bill.


California Police Groups

The Los Angeles Police Protective League, Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association, and Protect California were supportive of the legislation.  They are in favor of focusing on de-escalation in situations that can be very volatile to help preserve life.

Meanwhile, the California Police Chiefs Association, the Peace Officers Research Association of California, and the California Association of Highway Patrolmen believe the new bill would only be successful if funding was also associated with it.  They believed that law enforcement needs the appropriate gear, tools, and police training for success.

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