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On July 1, the new budget was active and allowed for $5 million towards funding a new program that allows victims of crimes to confront their offenders.  The money was used to fund the program for 5 years and it will allow offenders of any age to participate, not just those who are juvenile which has traditionally been the case with this type of program.


The program pairs victims and offenders before the conviction occurs.  The benefit for offenders is that if they go through the program they can avoid a criminal record which impacts the rest of their lives outside of prison.

Advocate Stances

Those who are proponents of the plan believe that it is going to be beneficial for both survivors as well as criminals. Survivors get closure and a piece that is needed for them to help heal more thoroughly. Offenders may be deterred from continuing to repeat criminal offenses once out of prison because they have had the opportunity to leave their sentence with a clean slate, thus giving them a second chance at life without the blot of crimes on their records.


It is a program that allows for a more personal look at crimes for both parties and participates in forgiveness which may have a strong and valuable impact in the long-term.  It is a means to make a bad situation into a good one for both sides of the equation.


This is a state-funded program and only those offenders who do not exhibit an extensive criminal record are eligible.  Additionally, those who have been convicted of sex crimes and murder will not be eligible. Crimes that are highly associated with violence such as robbery, assault, burglary, and criminal threats would be eligible.


Working together with community groups, law enforcement, defense attorneys, the offenders, and victims a plan will be developed that will meet the needs of the survivors while also promoting a strategy to help the offender avoid engaging in more crimes in the future.  In order to accomplish this, substance abuse treatment, counseling, or education and job training may all play a role. Victims can have the ability to obtain restitution or even a letter of apology.


There will be tracking done on those who successfully complete the totality of the program to determine its effectiveness. Looking at factors like victim satisfaction as well as new crimes committed or lack of crimes committed by offenders will be evaluated.


Criminal Defense in California

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