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Dr. George Tyndall,72, was arrested on Wednesday, June 26 for the sexual assault of 16 students while he was a practicing gynecologist at the University of Southern California.  Dr. Tyndall has been accused of misconduct by hundreds of patients during his tenure with the University which spanned over three decades.  The victims ranged from ages 17 to 29 and alleged that the abuse occurred at the university’s student health center during the years 2009 to 2016 while he was active with the university.


Dr. Tyndall is currently being held in jail with a $2.1 million bail.  His departure from the university came as a resignation in 2017 when an internal investigation began.  The investigation was looking into a health worker that came forward and accused him of being sexually inappropriate with the way he was speaking to patients, back into 2016.  There were 350 women being interviewed, and the investigation is still ongoing.  Some of the allegations that were put forth did fall outside of the 10-year statute of limitations, while other allegations were not within what would be required for a criminal offense.


Criminal Sexual Abuse by Trusted Doctors in the News

This case is yet another high profile bombshell of a trusted medical professional at an esteemed establishment being accused of multiple acts of abuse against women in recent news.  Most notably, the USA Gymnastics team doctor, as well as Michigan State University employee, was accused of similar mistreatment towards his female patients. Disgraced Larry Nasser was sentenced from 40 to 175 years in prison as a result of his wrongdoings, when over 350 women testified against him during his trials.


Physician Misconduct in the State of California

California is a “zero tolerance” state when it comes to intimate relationships between doctors and patients according to the Medical Board of California. A license can be denied if any act of fraud or dishonesty is perpetrated on another which causes serious injury.  This comes from Chapter 2. Denial of Licenses 480 – 489.


Defense for Sex Crimes in California

Sex crims come with more than just steep punishment if convicted, they also come with intense shaming, reputation loss, and the loss of close family and friend relationships.  There is little room for forgiveness by those close to you and the public when you are accused, therefore it is imperative you have experienced legal representation by a knowledgeable Southern California sex crime attorney at the Manshoory Law Group. You absolutely will need legal representation to help you find legal and personal justice.  Do not wait to enlist the guidance and support of one of our expert California criminal defense attorneys for these tremendously serious charges.


Sex crimes can be some of the most challenging to fight, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a strong defense. Even when you are accused, you still have rights. Your best chance to be successful is to call us today at 877-977-7750. One of our resourceful Southern California criminal defense attorneys can provide you with a free case analysis regarding your specific situation.

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