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A California man was arrested early one morning. Skyler Gregory, 20, attempted to evade authorities who signaled him to pull over during a traffic stop in Arnold, a location which is approximately 3-hours outside of San Francisco. According to the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office, Gregory led the police on a hot pursuit during which he threw a dog out of the window of his moving vehicle. Luckily, upon contact with the ground, the animal was able to take off and exit the roadway.

Gregory was driving at a high rate of speed down Highway 4 to escape authorities during the chase.  Motorists that were driving in at the same time were forced to exit the road due to the erratic driving and rate of speed of the chase. Eventually, the police made the determination to end their pursuit of Gregory out of concern for the public’s safety.

The Modesto Bee reported that Gregory’s car was found abandoned.  Eventually, he too was found, captured, and taken into custody. Authorities released information regarding items that were found in his abandoned car which included methamphetamine, a smoking pipe, as well as various paraphernalia used to siphon gas.  Gregory is facing many charges, including felony evasion of a peace officer for leaving the traffic stop; cruelty to an animal for throwing the canine out of the window; and he is also facing driving without a license.

Driving without a License in California

Each state is responsible for setting its own traffic laws.  In the state of California, driving without a license is not to be taken lightly. This is a serious offense and in this state, it is considered criminal.

The penalty for such an offense is determined by the following factors:

  • If you possess a valid driver’s license that was simply not on your person at the time you were pulled over;
  • Never had a license, to begin with; or
  • Had a license that was rescinded because of traffic or criminal reasons by the California DMV

Possible Repercussions for Driving Without a License

All of these factors listed above can have varying amounts of repercussions, with the most severe monetary fine being a $1,000 as well as potential court fees.  Additionally, there is no set time frame for jail or probation, but both probation and a jail stint could potentially be on the table in more serious sentences.  Last, it is almost inevitable that you will have your car towed and impounded with the responsibility for those costs associated with impounding being squarely on your shoulders.

Criminal Defense and Suspended License Attorneys in Southern California

Mr. Gregory is facing multiple charges that will all need the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer in California.  If you or someone you know has found yourself in a situation where you could be facing any potential criminal charges you will need resourceful representation to support you.  The Manshoory Law Group has particular expertise in the extremely specialized and ever-changing area of criminal defense.  This demanding legal arena requires a highly efficient and experienced attorney for your best ability to mount a successful defense.

If you were apprehended and facing suspended license, no license, felonies or misdemeanors, even drug charges, you deserve a fair chance at justice. Don’t wait to call the criminal defense attorneys at Manshoory Law Group.  We are here to discuss your situation with you and provide effective guidance. Call us today at  877-977-7750.

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