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There is no mistaking the difficulty one is exposed to when they come out of prison.  Facing the world again and trying to start anew with a conviction behind your name isn’t easy.  The process of re-acclimation to life outside prison, trying to get a job with a record, developing relationships with a criminal background, and staying away from those triggers that could send you back to prison can all be very challenging and overwhelming.

According to the Associated Press, California lawmakers see this predicament.  In response, they are working towards erasing criminal records for those with certain convictions.  There are two assembly-approved bills on the table that could remove the records of approximately 1 million individuals who have completed their sentences.

The Bill

Assemblyman Phil Ting from San Francisco put forth the bill where the state attorney general would have to organize specific arrest and convictions.  This would essentially abolish these black marks from the records of those who hold them.  The types of records that would be cleared would be those that have crimes of low-level felonies and misdemeanors.

Recently, with the legalization of marijuana, California retroactively reduced penalties on those who were punished for crimes relating to marijuana before it was legal. These individuals were able to see reduced sentences and cleared records.

Desired Effects

Assemblyman Ting believes that these steps will help change the lives of residents that have served their time and are looking to live their lives successfully and legally.  He and many others believe that those who re-enter society should not face already detrimental circumstances and have to fight an uphill battle upon release.  The opportunities they should be able to strive for should not be limited, but rather vast like other residents of the state.


Some in law enforcement have called the bill “a legal liability” as well as “costly and burdensome.”  According to projections by legislative analysts, the cost to enforce these new regulations could be in the tens of millions for the state. The argument against the cost is the potential positive net impact the employment of these newly released will have on the economy.  More residents who would now be able to more easily find work as opposed to facing difficulty with employment could be a good thing for the financial system of the state.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Southern California

While the sounds of this new proposal would make great news for those that are eligible, the final outcome is still to be determined. This proposal is on it’s way to the Senate to be reviewed and has until September 13 to go to the Governor.

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