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Los Angeles has seen an increase in crime committed during the week of October 13 through October 19. So what gives? Previous to this spike there was a decrease seen as reported by CrimeoMeter. CrimeoMeter is a website that gathers crime data as reported by police agencies and sources that have been vetted. According to the site, the levels of criminal incidents reported increased from 3,944 the prior week to 4,310 during this timeframe. Primarily, auto burglary and assault were the main crimes prompting this increase. Automobile burglary saw an increase of 141 incidents. During the week of October 13-19, there were 668 crimes committed while the prior week only had 254. Assault crimes also saw a spike from 583 reported incidents to 762. General burglary rose by 206 incidents from that previous week. Homicides were also up as four were seen from the three weeks before.


Only a small portion of offenses decreased, auto theft went from 548 to 300. Weapons offenses also noted a decrease. The number of weapons offenses went from 50 to 44 during this same timeframe. Arson also decreased from 10 reported incidents to 7.


Where Are Crimes Occurring In Southern California

There is a distinct concentration of crimes in the region. The city of Hollywood and downtown Van Nuys had the highest amounts of incidents. Both of these areas have been reporting the most crime incidents during the uptick as well as during the dip of reported crimes. Hollywood was the most affected. In this region, crime was the highest. Sun Valley wasn’t immune. In this region, crime rose as well.


So which times are the most at risk for criminal activities? The incidents reported show that Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday have the highest amount of criminal acts committed. Sunday, in particular, appears to be prime time for criminal activity. Interestingly enough, Friday didn’t see the increase. On Friday, crime actually decreased.  Midday, evening, and afternoon are the primary times where crimes tend to occur most often.


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