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Hearing the word “probation” at a sentencing hearing can be a relief if the other option was jail, but probation does not mean complete freedom.  The punishments for a minor offense are much tougher when you are already on probation than they would be if you had been acquitted of the previous charges. 

The terms of your probation can make it against the law for you to do things that are otherwise legal, such as living with housemates instead of with your parents, and if you break these rules, the judge can send you to jail.  The best way to ensure that you finish your probation without incidents that prolong it is to work closely with a Los Angeles probation and probation violations lawyer.

Ronnie of Jersey Shore and His Domestic Violence Cases

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who has appeared on several seasons of the reality TV show “Jersey Shore”, has a daughter named Ariana, who was born in 2018.  Ortiz-Magro ended his relationship with Ariana’s mother Jen Harley when Ariana was a newborn, and they have been co-parenting ever since. 

In October 2019, Ortiz-Magro was arrested after an altercation with Harley and charged with a felony of domestic violence.  Pursuant to a plea deal, the court sentenced him to probation.  One of the conditions of his probation was to complete court-ordered alcohol rehabilitation and to undergo mental health counseling; he has done this.

In April 2021, Ortiz-Magro got arrested on felony domestic violence charges again, this time for an altercation with his girlfriend Saffire Matos; Ortiz-Magro and Matos have since become engaged.  Another domestic violence arrest when you are already on probation for domestic violence could be bad news. 

Since the arrest did not result in new criminal charges, he could have had to spend a month in jail for violating his probation.  With the help of his lawyers, though, Ortiz-Magro was able to avoid jail time after the April 2021 arrest.

Instead, he must complete 26 sessions of parenting classes; he must also comply with a three-year protective order regarding his relationship with Matos.  It is unclear how their engagement affects the protective order.

Sentences involving court-ordered alcohol or drug rehabilitation as a term of probation are becoming increasingly common in California and other states.  The idea behind these types of sentences is that incarcerating people is costly to taxpayers and harmful to incarcerated people and their families.  Courts increasingly take the attitude that many criminal offenses are simply symptoms of addiction, not only drug possession and DUI but also other crimes such as theft and low-level fraud.

Contact the Manshoory Law Group About Probation Violations

As long as you are on probation, you are in danger of your probation being extended or of going to jail or prison, but a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid complicating your probation sentence.  Your initial consultation is always free, so contact the Manshoory Law Group in Los Angeles, California, or call (877)977-7750 to discuss your case.

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