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KTLA 5 reports that an 18-year-old woman died in South Los Angeles on Friday, October 25. The victim, Chloe Evans, was fatally shot in the Vermont Vista neighborhood according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Evans was inside a vehicle around 6:00 a.m. at 104th Street and South Figueroa Street. Reports indicated that witnesses in the area heard shots being fired.


The individual who was driving the car that Evans was in at the time of the shooting transported her to an LAPD station. Immediately after she arrived at the Lost Angeles Fire Department, as well as the paramedics, were called to come to the station to provide aid to the victim. Evans was then transported by the first responders to a nearby hospital. At approximately 5:45 p.m., Chloe Evans was pronounced dead.


Luckily for the family of the victim, there was surveillance footage of the incident. In the footage, a vehicle was shown pulling to the side of a road next to other parked cars. After a period of time, an individual was seen exiting one of the cars and fleeing the scene. It is believed that Evans was shot from an individual in another vehicle. Unfortunately, there is no description of the suspect and further details have not been released at this time.


Loved ones responded after the tragedy by coming to the scene and holding a candlelight vigil on Saturday evening, October 26. The family of Evans is heartbroken at this time, and her mother has said of Chloe “She was a beautiful, intelligent young woman. I really hope and pray that whoever did this either comes to their senses and turns themselves in or if people are just diligent and report this.”


Shootings In Los Angeles

According to statistics reported from the Los Angeles Police Department, violent crimes did see a decrease from 2005-2011. There were approximately 488 homicides in 2005 while in 2011 there were 298. Aggravated assault was also on the decline with 15570 incidents occurring in 2011 and 8782 occurring in 2005. In 2011, there were 913 victims shot.


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