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Harvey Weinstein was supposed to be extradited to Los Angeles to face charges for the sex-crimes he is accused of, but the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed that transition. For now Weinstein will remain in New York. Greg Risling, spokesman for Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey explained that the virus put processing paperwork on hold and at this time, there is no telling when he will be seen in an L.A. courtroom.

According to Lacey, the paperwork for Weinstein’s extradition was started but she didn’t provide any hard dates on when it would be completed. The coronavirus has been problematic in crowded prisons where it can readily spread throughout the population. In February, the Hollywood mogul was convicted of both first-degree sexual assault and third-degree rape in Manhattan. Later in March his sentence for the crimes was 23 years to be served in a New York state prison.

While in the N.Y. prison, he tested positive for the virus and as a result placed in isolation. Juda Engelmayer, Weinstein’s spokesman would not comment on the state of his medical status and it is unlawful for prison officials to give a report on the medical records of their inmates. While not confirmed, it is believed that Weinstein recovered from the virus.

L.A. D.A. Jackie Lacey announced in April that she added an additional sex crime charge to the four that already exist in L.A. County. The newest charge is one felony count of sexual battery by restraint that stems from an incident that took place at the Beverly Hills hotel in May of 2010.

At this time there is no set date for Weinstein to be extradited to Los Angeles for his arraignment on the amended complaint. Once he is arraigned in California, a court date will be established and the public will be informed of that date.

How Common Is Sexual Assault In Hollywood?

The far-reaching problem of endemic sexual assault in every form that occurs in Tinseltown was for the most part an unspoken topic. People intrinsically knew it was happening but perhaps, allowed it as “the cost of doing business.” USA Today reported a partnership between the Creative Coalition, Women in Film and Television and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Together, these organizations surveyed 843 women in the entertainment industry who were employed in every job the industry offers.

Approximately 94% of the women in the study experienced harassment or assault in some form at some point in time during their careers. They also reported that it most often happened at the hand of an older individual who held professional power over them. It was also found that 21% reported that they were forced to do something sexual on at least one occasion.

Where Can You Find A Sexual Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer In Los Angeles?

Not every sexual assault accusation is based on truth. There are high emotions involved when it comes to sex crimes making these some of the most difficult cases for a Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney to take. This is why you need the most experienced legal representation possible to improve your chances of fighting Los Angeles sex crime accusations.

If you have been charged with a Los Angeles sex crime, call the Manshoory Law Group, APC immediately at 877-977-7750 to discuss your situation with one of our resourceful Southern California criminal defense attorneys.

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