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There has been a spike in crime in Los Angeles and to address the increase in criminal activity, Los Angeles County Metro voted to up funding the police. The violent crime that has jumped resulted in a vote for $36 million to go to the Los Angeles Police Department in addition to the Long Beach Police Department. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department will also get a portion of the funding. The original amount that was requested by these law enforcement agencies was significantly higher than what was voted on at $111 million.

Increasing funding for the police was voted on without any descent by the Metro Board of Directors. Even Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor offered a “yea”. Los Angeles isn’t the only city in the nation to have to reassess funding for the police and add more money to law enforcement’s budget because of an increase in crime. Several cities have been subject to the same trend and had to respond in a similar manner.

How Much More Crime in Los Angeles Was Committed in 2021?

While only a couple of months into 2021, the LAPD saw a significant increase in shots fired reports. These reports already are 88% higher than what was seen in 2020. This rate coincides with the number of victims of gunshot incidents and homicides that have taken place across Los Angeles. When compared to 2020 at the same time, victims of gun violence are up by 141% and homicides rose by 39%.

Previously, the Los Angeles City Council moved to slash money to the LAPD by $150 million. Around the same time, Minneapolis City Council took similar action to reduce funds to the police. And like L.A. Minneapolis decided to add funds back when there was an increase in crime. Portland also followed the same pattern.

With more funding for law enforcement in Los Angeles, and with the increase in crime, the police are going to be out with more force patrolling the streets. While this may be able to quell the violence, it can also mean that more people may be arrested and detained unfairly. There are many instances across the country that happen every year where people are arrested under false firearm charges. The state of California has its own share of faulty arrests. There are also numerous cases where an individual is arrested and then has to face more serious charges than are reasonable.

Being arrested for crimes connected with a firearm in California can result in years behind bars. You need the best legal defense in Los Angeles to fight your charges as well as one that understands the criminal system and the laws in California. The Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Manshoory Law Group focus on criminal law in California and in providing the strongest most proficient defense that will protect your best interests.

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