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On Thursday evening, June 18, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy fatally shot a young man aged anywhere from 18 years-old to 20 years old. The bullets hit the man’s upper torso and died as a result of the shots. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The authorities said that the man pulled out a gun and he was reportedly running away. The deputies spotted the man from the Compton Sheriff’s Station on Redondo beach Boulevard in the early evening hours, just before 6:00 p.m.

According to a statement made by the county sheriff’s office, the suspect saw the deputies and produced a firearm, and then ran. He headed south between two businesses. The deputies ran after him and in a short amount of time the deputies met up with the suspect and the shooting occurred. The police indicated that a handgun was found where the incident occurred. According to family members of the victim, he was identified as an 18-year-old security guard named Andres Guardado.

When viewing the police tape on Thursday night, the family of the victim and the police began arguing. According to Lt. Charles Calderaro, the victim was not in a security uniform at the time of the shooting. The sheriff’s office indicated that the incident is being investigated by the homicide bureau as well as the internal affairs unit. The investigation is being done according to protocol. Additionally, the Office of the Inspector General is going to manage and oversee the investigations. Also, a preliminary review will be done of the investigation after it concludes.

How is America Dealing with Racial Strife?

The current climate in the country is volatile. Amid the George Floyd killing during a police encounter in Minneapolis, an uproar with marches and protests has been seen across the country. Private citizens, legislators, communities, business owners, and community leaders are responding to the aftermath of the incident. In Los Angeles County, the Board of Supervisors is looking at how to reform the sheriff’s department. They have proposed a list of eight recommendations to improve the department as well as 46 local police forces. One of the proposed reforms included having authorities use a verbal warning first before force is used to better help de-escalate any situation and potentially decrease circumstances where force is necessary.

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