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Los Angeles is in the midst of a violent crime wave where homicides and related gun violence are rising. L.A. Police Chief Michel Moore has announced that the Los Angeles Police Department will be increasing its staff to try and quell the ongoing violence in the city. When it comes to shooting victim cases, the LAPD solves those crimes 20% of the time while homicides are solved 70% of the time. Comparing the same time last year to this year, the city of Los Angeles had 44 more homicides and 250 more shooting victims reported. In 2021 there have been, on average, 28 people shot every week.

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How Will the Increased Staff in the LAPD Operate?

Chief Moore indicated that in addition to putting more operators in the streets, the department would be focused on motivating the public to work with the police to find the individuals who are committing the violence. The increase in LAPD staff is not something new but has been implemented in past summers. Gang reduction specialists will be dispersed in hospitals to meet with victims of gang violence. These professionals will attempt to calm tensions and emotions and try to stop retaliation from taking place.

More resources will be put towards investigations to find specific people and areas where violence happens most often. Chief Moore said that the department believes there are a small group of people responsible for a vast amount of the crime that is taking place throughout the city. In addition to finding key individuals, of equal importance is also learning where guns are coming from and trafficked. The police chief did say that stress from the pandemic was one contributing factor to the increase in crime.

Depending on the crime that you are accused of committing, you could be facing many years behind bars, expensive fines, restitution, and probation. A murder charge in California, for example, if convicted in the first degree you will be headed to state prison. A first-degree murder conviction in California has a minimum sentence of 25 years and in some cases could come with life behind bars. If you are convicted to a lesser degree, like second-degree murder you will be spending at least 15 years in prison. Murder convictions in California carry hefty penalties and can impact your life even after you serve your time.

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