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Reports are showing that homeless-related crimes in California are rising. In the harbor area, they are particularly prevalent. This has made the Los Angeles Police Department searching to find ways to use resources through 2020 for addressing these issues.

The good news is that there was a reduction in overall crime by 8.6% in 2019 according to Chief Michel Moore. Gang violence, though, was on the rise and aggravated assault was up by 4.9% showing there is still more work to be done. According to Deputy Chief Regina Scott, authorities will be laser-focused on reducing gang activity by figuring out how to identify gang members and providing young people resources to get out of a gang and to prevent them from joining one.

The rise in gang and homeless related crimes in the Harbor region puts a substantial strain on resources that the Los Angeles Police Department has. That message was among those delivered Thursday night, Jan. 30, by commanding officers during a traveling meeting of the LAPD’s commission, held in San Pedro. Gang crimes and violence haven’t ceased, dwindled, or lessened. Aggravated assaults in combination with gang crime have plagued the community. Crimes involving the homeless increased by 12%.

As the homeless population increased from 2018-2019, there was a rise in this segment of people as both victims and suspects in crimes committed. An LAPD HOPE (Homeless Outreach Partnership Endeavor) team is going to be supporting the Harbor area. Additionally, there will be $1.9 million added to the budget for resources helping re-open the Harbor Division jail.

The importance of having this jail back in operation is that it helps officers reduce wasted time and allows them to spend more effort in the field. Having to use the 77th Division jail instead of the Harbor Division facility forces officers to spend countless hours transporting arrestees instead of using this time working the streets. Many years ago Harbor Division along with many other LAPD facilities was closed due to lack of funding.

Resources will also be put into play for the homeless including temporary shelters, a county-run shelter, and navigation centers that have storage options and other vital services for the homeless population. By helping the homeless off of the streets, the LAPD believes that this is a significant portion of the puzzle to reduce crime in the region.

How Stricter Enforcement Affects Residents

The Harbor Area has already visibly seen an uptick in activity for law enforcement patrolling and acting. This should increase safety for all residents including the homeless. The aggressive cleanup will cause an increase in suspects being arrested, and those who are facing charges will need aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation.

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