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CBS News is reporting on a new piece of equipment that will help the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) obtain perpetrators who are fleeing or being uncooperative.  The device, which goes by the name, Bola Wrap 100, has the ability to catch a person at a distance of 25 feet away. The distance this piece of equipment offers authorities provides them with an additional option that can supplement or possibly eliminate the use of both a Taser and a firearm. The Bola Wrap 100 shoots a Kevlar cord which wraps itself around the perpetrator’s torso and legs, rendering them unable to flee or attack. The device has been commonly linked on social media platforms to those tools used by the comic book superhero, Batman.


A Las-Vegas based company, Wrap Technologies, manufactured the device. One of the features is the noise that is emitted when it is deployed. This noise mimics a gunshot sound which will attract attention. The tether that wraps a person’s body has barbs that inflict minimal puncture wounds in the skin, so there is a bit of an uncomfortable bite as it takes down a body.


Of course, these devices don’t come without opposition. Adam Smith, a member of Black Lives Matter argued during a Police Commission meeting that this was a tool to use against minorities. 


The authorities at the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office were one of the first to try this new enforcement tool. It is unclear how effective the tool has been thus far for those Police Departments that have given it a try. There was an instance in October where the technology didn’t succeed in wrapping up a male suspect’s legs in Fresno. Due to the sound, it still has shown to provide a benefit for those officers that have experience using it. Time will tell if this tool will be a widespread and well utilized effective form of enforcement for authorities. In January, 200 LAPD officers are expected to be packing the Bola Wrap 100 after an in-depth training.

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