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In an effort to reduce crime, many police departments across the United States are using past crime data to predict where crimes will occur as well as who will be a future criminal. The Los Angeles Police Department is no exception, which makes for a very difficult position for anyone that has a criminal past.


Operation LASER was started in 2011 and it compiles the data relating to past offenders during a two-year period in an order to produce scores for individuals based on their criminal past. Every infraction or charge has points assessed to it and they add up. Those offenders who have a long rap sheet will have a higher score. For offenders that have high scores, they are put on what is called the Chronic Offender Bulletin. The Chronic Offender Bulletin is a list of individuals that are believed to have the highest likelihood of continuing to commit crimes and therefore, need to be watched more closely.


Operation LASER is a type of “predictive policing” that is not only aimed at helping better reduce crimes in the city but also to help conserve resources and use them more efficiently. While authorities are hopeful that predictive policing can have a positive impact on the communities they monitor, civil rights advocates see this type of policing much differently. These opponents worry that scoring people this way is just another form of racial profiling.


Additional Predictive Policing Systems

The LAPD is not only using LASER, but they are also utilizing PredPol which is software that helps predict property crimes. It takes a region and assesses the crimes that have taken place there in the past. It looks at details including the time, location, and frequency to figure out if other crimes will occur in the region again and if so when they would be most likely to happen. PredPol updates maps daily and provides officers high-risk areas for them to spend more of their time patrolling.


It is believed that the innocent in the community will feel better served by law enforcement as they will feel safer. Additionally, it will deter criminals from engaging in poor behavior when they are well aware of an increased police presence in the area. However, there are opponents of this system as well. Those that are opposed to this type of software think that police being constantly in some neighborhoods over others will make residents feel targeted by authorities. No matter which side you stand on, one thing that is true is that the LAPD along with many other police departments are working overtime to find new, inventive ways that reduce and deter crime.


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