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Those individuals who are serving their time in local jails in Los Angeles may see no jail time to a reduced jail sentence. Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey has instructed prosecutors to find ways that will reduce the number of people in local jails and courthouses. The measure was announced as a way to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Lacey explained that she wanted the health risks to be a part of prosecutor’s decisions specifically for nonviolent felony and misdemeanor offenders. This would mean keeping them out of and away from jails and courthouses while the epidemic runs its course.

The District Attorney’s Office has done the following in response to trying to stop the spread of the virus:

  • Nonviolent offenders who are not deemed to be a risk to the community will be temporarily outside of the criminal justice system through a delay in filing of new cases and re-evaluating pretrial cases.
  • For the 2,000 pending cases, taking the time to review their details and make a determination if the defendants can safely return to their communities while they wait for their trial.
  • Not returning defendants to custody when they violate parole or probation for non-violent and non-serious crimes. Only having these defendants return to jail if they are deemed to be a danger to their community.
  • Evaluating defendants to determine if they are high risk when exposed to COVID-19. Of so, using this consideration when setting bail and in releasing the defendant.
  • Advising prosecutors not to object to postponing court cases unless in situations where there is a serious case that could be dismissed.
  • Requesting a temporary suspension or extension of pending due dates for completing community service.

According to District Attorney Jackie Lacey, no employees of the DA’s Office tested positive for the coronavirus. Although everything seems all clear at the DA Office there is no room for error. The office is taking the necessary precautions and allowing employees to work-from-home. There are 2,200 employees that have the ability to work remotely when it is possible.

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