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The community policing program, which was first started in 2011, expands in Los Angeles as a part of the solution to reducing crime in the city. Initially, the program was only used in four public housing developments who had major issues with gang activity and crime but will now be citywide. A study done by the University of California showed that two of the public housing developments saw a decrease in crime after the program was enacted. The program focuses on fostering positive relationships between residents and law enforcement. The Los Angeles Community Safety Partnership will be its own agency as a part of the greater Los Angeles Police Department umbrella.

Building relationships means that community safety officers have to be present in neighborhoods in the city, and become familiar to residents. Officers will first utilize communication to address issues that arise, and only use citations or arrests when absolutely necessary. The program is more focused on the bond and rapport that can be built with the community over punitive actions like making arrests.

Overseeing the program will be Emada Tingirides, a black woman who was just promoted to Deputy Chief. Leaders from local communities will be involved in the program by being included in a regional advisory panel. That panel will be supervised by a civilian commander. One of the primary goals will be to connect with young people most vulnerable to gang recruitment. Certain situations that were traditionally responded to by an armed police officer will now be responded to in a more interactive way that promotes responsible and helpful discourse. Some of these situations include calls from issues related to the homeless population, individuals suffering from substance abuse, as well as daily neighborhood complaints.

As the “defund the police” movement continues this program is not the only action that the Los Angeles City Council has taken. In addition to the community policing program, the council also reduced the LAPD’s budget by $150 million. Some of the money that was taken from the LAPD’s budget will be put towards more programs in communities of color and to promote youth summer employment opportunities. Along with budget cuts, the council voted to decrease the number of officers on the force.

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